Friday, April 29, 2011

Zoe-Spired and feeling BoHo

Yeah y'all. I am not feeling inspired. I am feeling Zoe-Spired from today's yesterday's the other day's Zoe Report (sorry this post was intended for Wednesday but I could not finish it due to worrying over weather headed our way and the weather we had already experience that am). I may or may not have shared my undying love and obsession for my favorite fashionista Rachel Zoe on here before but yeah, here goes. 

Today's  "The Big Bangle Theory" = gloriousness. I, of course, love a good statement piece just as much as my sista-in-fashion RZ. Big and chunky bangles are in, accord to the fashion goddess, only wish I could afford the Hermes ones she was referring to. Good thing I love big baubley bracelets. Then she called the bangles as "bangle-icious." I just love her and her rachcabulary.

However this is the part of the report that was the most inspiring to me  "P.S. Want to update your wardrobe with some bohemian flare? Check out these 20 seventies-inspired picks!"

Love the Boho look to the ENTH degree... and all 20 of her 70's style picks!

Gorg like whoa.

Speaking of 70's inspired, Hippie, Boho look... I want feather hair extensions. No, really.

I have been putting them off due to these job interviews... I mean I already work for the company and they are not permanent and IMO no different than hair color, I would never want to step on someone's toes and cost myself a job. Buuuut, this weekend I am going to be at my mom's and the place my sister works at does them and I could get a discount. I won't be back down there until  mid June at the earliest. My sister Hannah has two. They are cute and I think I could hide them for the interview? Ya think?

Hannah has a pink and a blue one.... No not getting bright colors over here. She thinks I should get these peacock ones but I think I just want the plain black and white {striped, I think?} ones. I think having several looks good but I would not take it over the top... 3... 4 max! 
via google images

These are the ones I am considering getting!

I have seen them on several Hollywood starlets as well including Miley Cyrus, Lucy Hale (in PLL), Jennifer Love Hewitt... but my favorite include the one who made them "famous" the hot glittery mess turned my soul-sista, Ke$ha. 

 via google images

 Ke-Dollar Sign- Ha
She and her songs are ridick.  Did you know that she was on Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton's "The Simple Life"? Her family hosted them once. True. When I heard this, I had to verify. Confession: I was obsessed with The Simple Life and have the seasons on DVD {dear goodness, did I just say that aloud?!} . I have "Blow on EVERYone of my running play lists  "Go insane, go insane, throw some glitter make it rain!"

via google images

and of course the precious Selena Gomez, aka my fav disney star. Not just because she dates the Biebs but because she is beyond adorbs. I love her feathers cause its like 3-5 all together and very tasteful.

Speaking of 70's flair... wide leg jeans are so in. I have been waiting for this moment since middle school. to clarify, I have never been a fan of this skinny jean era. I remember I multiple pairs of "bell bottom" jeans circa 4-6th grade and then they kind of just went out of style. I had one with patches, and one with applique ribbons all around the bell and they were the shizzle. I remember, I got them at Sears {shuddddder}. Then I realized the only people in Sears were geriatric and I told my mom we had to start shopping at Limited Too... and stat! So we did and I never looked back at the children's dept of Sears again. That is until a couple years later when Mom finagled her way back into Sears to clothe my younger and much dumber sister Hannah. That's another story... my sister did not care one bit about appearances growing up. Tomboy isn't even the word... more like filth mongrel. She was utterly disgusting as a child. She would have worn a potato sack in public or even worse, worn her school jumper on a weekend. 

This all brings me to saying... how awesome are these?

via google images

The Rachel Zoe 7 for all mankind bell bottoms are fabulous. 
That's saying a lot coming from me cause I don't even care for 7 jeans.

So if you are thinking about channeling your inner Olsen twin... Boho is in! Just keep the bag lady look to the minimal.

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I just read that Rachel Zoe newsletter. Grea post and I really like the Sevens at the bottom they are so cute

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