Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap + Motivation + Give- Away Winner!

So this weekend my aunt and I went to the flea market and it was quite disappointing. Nothing like it use to be, small and very few vendors. I got a couple of things including this really cute elephant and these unique fish charms which I could not describe even if I tried, to put on a gold chain. Maybe I will add a picture later :)

So after rambling around we took the scenic route home.  When I say scenic, I mean we drove through the ghetto which use to not be ghetto when my aunt was growing up and she showed me all these places she use to go and what use to be where. Then we decided to stop at another flea market, closer to the house and we picked up some fresh fruits and veggies.

We stopped at Dollar Tree for me to buy some more La Croix then went on to Target, Bath and Body and Publix. Whew, it was a long day full of walking. The Publix trip was very successful and we only shopped on the OUTER AISLES (except to get a Diet Coke and Sprite Zero & 100 calorie popcorn on an end-cap, which isn't "healthy" but an easy snack for at work) but other than that… ONLY OUTER AISLES! As you can tell, I was extremely pleased with this. No more nasty preservatives and horrible body pollutants. 

This whole “operation: get healthy and fit” has really made me evaluate my food choices and I am now taking an array of vitamins. You don’t even realize half the crap in some of the food you buy and eat. Espesh in frozen foods – chock full of preservatives and sodium (horrible for you, I have actually stop salting food for the most part). I have also tried to start eating more natural and organic foods as well because they are just better for you.

Aside from the eating healthy, exercising has done me a world of good. I love getting out in the sunshine and getting some good old fashioned vitamin D. The walking/running is getting better. I am no where near where I want to be as far as my 5K goal but the running is slowly getting easier and I am inching farther along in my "run" segments of my walks. The evenings I walk is like down time, me time, time to relax and just not think about anything -- basically some sanity.

I also had an intense allergy attack twice this weekend. Hopefully these meds I am on will clear it up… if not then I guess its back to the doc I go. Best news of the weekend….. I reached my first weight loss goal!!! Yay! I wanted to set small goals to encourage myself along the way as I try to reach my overall goal. It felt awesome to get on the scale on Sunday morning and see that. Now if that isn't motivation... well I don't know what is!

and for the finale...
We have a winner from my Southern Marsh Coozie Give-Away!
Congrats to Sarah Elizabeth at We're Just Like You Only Prettier  
Girlfriend, I will be emailing you soon to get your info!

and uhhh since my screen shots are being wonky, you get a whole screen.

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Shannon said...

Good for you for getting out there and exercising! I know I don't always want to hit the road and run, but I feel so much better once I do!


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