Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Old Navy Haul + Target Tuesday

Today has been an interesting day. For the first two HOURS I was at work we had no internet, email, phone, NADDA ZIP NOTHING! Painstakingly grueling and boring. I cleaned my desk, the empty desk next to me, cleaned out some file cabinets with a co-worker, okay you get the point. 

So once the internet got up and running I scurried to my gmail and opened a lovely email from Old Navy claiming to "redeem my last chance offer" here I was thinking I was going to strike jackpot and get like a $100 off coupon. Well, 20% will do. 

So of course I start perusing the site. I have seen a few things I wanted, most of which are now out of stock {the words I truly despise seeing, the bane of my existence}. I then check my bank account {cause I need to see if I can actually afford this stuff} and see I have a new "cashback offer" from oldnavy.com, SCORE! 10% cash back on purchase made through Regions... now before I took this offer I checked how much cash back I would get through eBates (only 2%) so I took full advantage of the Regions one. 

Now this is stuff I needed. My closet is stuffed to the brim yet sooo barren. What in the world did I wear last summer???? So my cart comes to about $50 pre-discount which qualified me for free shipping. Then post discount it was a little over $40 and then I will also get about $4 back in my bank account. 

Here is my small haul which should arrive in 7-9 days {the free shipping takes longer}

Dark Wash Chambray shorts with braided belt purchased for about $13

Dark Wash Chambray skirt with braided belt purchased for about $19

Smocked poplin chemise rang in at a whopping $8

So you can see I have this utter fascination with chambray. I know it's "in" right now... but I am taking this to the extremes. The material is just sooo airy, light and breathable. I for sure have to have a chambray dress for the summer. It would be like a staple and you can dress it so many ways; up, down, casual, etc. My aunt has graciously agreed to let me have a pair of chambray pants of hers and can't wait to wear them to work! Almost wore them today but wanted to take more time to actually plan out the outfit because they are super cute.
Then the chemise... NEED x 10. I only wear night gowns/sleep shirts/t-shirts to bed. No bottoms.... can't stand them. They get all wrapped around me and I get hot. So last weekend I realized all I have are long sleeve night shirts and gowns {now I am not talking granny gowns like moo moo's, the cotton ones from VS}. So I decided for the summer, I needed to start collecting some sleeveless light weight ones. I will probably regret only buying one of these at $8. You can't even buy one that cheap at Target theirs are like $15-$20! 

In addition to my Old Navy spend... I am going to link up for Target Tuesday at Fabulous but evil . This is my first time linking up for this but it will be fun. I love me some Target or I mean Tarjhay {makes it sound more upper class}. I got some things in there LAST WEEK and left without all the purchases that I wanted. Well I think in honor of Target Tuesday I am going to go back and get these this afternoon {maybe if I don't get buyer's remorse beforehand}
[Please note: I am trying to save money but by not buying frivolous unneeded things which is why I refrained from the HOBO boutique on Rue La La today when they have the mustard yellow Lauren wallet for $49.90. I had this exact wallet and no less than a month after one of my besties mom's gave it to me for Christmas, I had it stolen in NOLA. Breaks. My. Heart. Anywho, these clothes are perfectly acceptable to this spending ban cause I need clothes to wear. Can't be walking down the LV strip next month in my birthday suit]

Mossimo Supply Co. Moonshine Shirt

I want this shirt in a bad kind of way. I have actually been having an affair with it for the past month or so. Every time I go by it's rack at Target, I touch it.  It's adorable and although it's not chambray, it's actually denim... it has the chambray look, in my opinion. I think it would look fantastic with a pair of khaki or maybe brown shorts. I tried it on the other day and it was just too cute. They only had 1 in my size left the other day at my local Target. Hopefully it will still be there and maybe be on a sale rack? 

Merona Shirt Waist Dress 

This one is not for funsies. It is for work. My work wardrobe dwindles more and more every week. My clothes are either too big, worn out, winter or I have worn it 1 million times and people are tired of seeing it. I tried this on the other day and it was really cute. 

There you go, my first TT. I could keep mentioning stuff I want cause there is a plenty in the shoe department at Target right now {btw, can't get enough of the Miss Trish for Target. I wear a pair of mine from last summer to work and people go cray cray for them}. I am going to refrain to help me spend less.



tara said...

I loooooove that denim shirt! SO cute!

Savanah said...

Cute blog! Love all your old navy and target choices! :)

Cait said...

aww girl love all your pics they're all super cute! and love your blog too by the way :)! xo

Ashley said...

Love your picks!! Love your header and background...everything looks so cute!

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