Friday, April 13, 2012

What's in my bucket list?

Does everyone have a bucket list? I do! I actually have a long one...

I recently found out that hopefully in October one of my bucket list items is getting crossed off the list. This past Saturday my dad told me that in October (if all goes as planned) the Shriner Circus (if you don't know what a Shriner is you should probably Google it and Shriner's Hospitals of North America) is coming to town. Now you might be wondering why I am excited about a circus.

This is not an ordinary circus. Ok, it is. It's actually been around as long as Ringling Brothers. But the thing that makes this circus special is that there are elephant rides. YES!!! Riding an elephant is on my bucket list and was elated to find out it might happen in October.

Imagine me riding one of the gentle giants... I am so giddy!

*photo is from Google images

Elephants are my favorite animals and my teams mascot (Roll Tide). I am so obsessed with them and I can't wait. Check out these precious elephants!

*photo is from Google images

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Sweet Sister

Since yesterday was sibling day and I apparently still haven't loaded any cruise pictures I figured I could tell you a few other cruise stories. One of them being about my sister, Hannah.

I mentioned that she snored the entire trip right?

She snored loudly. Every. single. night. I mean like wildabeast loud. No, no... Jurassic park loud. Can you imagine being awoken to scary loud sounds every single night for 7 nights. Or can you even imagine just not sleeping well for a whole week?!?!?!?!? I almost slept on the balcony one night, just saying it was THAT BAD.

Me and my Aunt laid in bed one night, restless and listening to the lumberjack hack away. We got delirious apparently and starting laughing loudly. Laughing lead to screaming her name. No response. Not even a wiggle. She was conched out hard-core.

Poor thing, she really couldn't help it. She was having tonsil problems which led to Tuesday's ENT appointment and she is having her tonsils out at the end of the month now. No more ferocious snoring! YAY!

She is really kind of precious. Except for when she sleeps. Lamb by day, dinosaur by night.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My experience with an ATM. Pesos ATM, that is.

Ok, so I haven't uploaded pics from the cruise and I would be lying if I said I wasn't still in denial that my cruise is said and done with. So. Much. Fun! I really had a great time with my sister and aunt and I am not ready to admit that it is over. Even though I have been back at work an entire week... not ready.

I figured I could tell you a funny story from my cruise!

By the time we got to Cozumel I was out of cash (darn you, Casino! Jk I actually only gambled maybe $15). I stopped at the ATM on the ship on the way out and took out a $100. I knew there would be some cheap liquor and lots of jewelry. These are two things I definitely needed *sarcasm*

We made our way through to hop in a taxi to take us to the downtown area where Senor Frogs and Carlos and Charlies was. We went into a silver store and I fell in love with a bracelet and earrings with jasper stones in them. I had already spent some of my money in and out of other stores. So I needed to get some more cash. I tried to pay with my debit card and while it didn't decline it, it did not accept it. It said error. They looked at me funny and this all in all freaked me out. So I said well where's an ATM? I took my sister with me as the guy directed me to an ATM and left my aunt in the store but the whole time I just had this weird feeling like "OMG, what if they are molesting my aunt in the store and this was a ploy to get me out of the store and rob her?!!??!" Anyways, I saw another ATM along the way and he said no, not that one. I got the ATM and it was broken. Out of order!

WTH?? So I went back and attempted the "other ATM." I proceeded with swiping my card, entering my pin and then entering $150. I thought I was about to get my money but it let me know that the transaction was cancelled. I freaked the eff out. I thought about how broke I would be without that $150 plus the transaction fee of $25 (I don't know what's dumber... that I agreed to pay a $25 transaction fee or this story in general).

I proceed back to the store to tell my aunt. Her and my sister try to tell me it's not charging my card. For some reason I think because I was in Mexico I felt like everything was sketchy and out to get me and rob me. I went back to the machine where another man was starting to use it. A lady came out of the store and warned him "Pesos.... Pesos" I was like wtf, this is a pesos atm? I tried to tell her my story and asked if she owned the ATM and she stuck her HAND IN MY FACE. WHAT THE H?

I am livid at this point. Frantic. Panicking. I debated turning on my phone and making an international call to my bank. At that moment my sister said "It is a pesos ATM. If they really took your money, let's face it... it would only be about $15 American dollars. Can you deal with that?" I replied.... "Oh, yeah...I guess." I felt dumb for making such a debacle but don't mess with my money!

At this point we went to Senor Frog's where I consumed 2 yard margaritas and my large chested sister was slightly molested. We took a cab back to the port. On the ride back I volunteered to sit up front and then asked the cabby if he was part of the drug cartel (reference the margaritas). Luckily he didn't understand English so I just sang him La Cucaracha and got out of the cab. Only moments later I pretended to speak Chinese (yes, aloud)

That being said, yes this is a true story. Yes, I am still alive. Yes, I am still grateful after questioning someone's involvement with the cartel. If you stuck with me this far - congrats. I hope you don't question reading my blog. I am an honest and sincere writer, hence why I just told you all this incriminating stuff.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Saluations from the bad blogger

I have been back from my cruise since Sunday and not blogged a once. I know, slacker!

I am going to update y'all, eventually. Lots and lots of pictures. My sister met cute guy from Alabama. Surprise, surprise. What are the chances?

Until then... a few other highlights

Here's a laugh for you. I barely slept at all the entire trip. Atleast not good, sound sleep. Because of my sister's snoring (which is another story all in all but it sounded like something from Jurassic Park and that's all you need to know)

I bought vodka in Jamaica. Was not carded but was asked how old I was, I replied "23" the lady proceeded to tell me she thought I was 14 or 15. Oh, really? You were going to sell vodka to a 14 year old?!!?!?!?!

In Cozumel I freaked out at a Pesos ATM. That is seriously a story... wait on it.

I may or may not have had a delicious margarita in Mexico. Do you expect anything less? I was also confused for a local in that dress. Kidding. but the mexican ladies that sell the dresses wanted to know where I got mine. Forever 21, Senorita.