Monday, October 31, 2011

That one time I didn't post pictures all football season

Since I haven't done a football post all season, I have saved most of the pics for one post. This is the Arkansas game, Homecoming {Vandy} and Tennessee games all in one post.

 Roll Tide!

I told yall about the lawn decorations, didn't I? Yah, they are extreme check out the detail... Btw, this years overall them was Roll with tradition or something like that. 

This is so awesome. Kudos to KKG cause they rarely try at homecoming but I must say their Bear Bryant and Nick Saban are out of this world. Oh and the font on that, pretty sure it's hand of sean #graphicdesignerproblems I totally felt like a dork but someone must have made those and traced them out which I give props for. 

My sorority's {Gamma Phi Beta} lawn decoration! I love the houndstooth ribbon

Across from us was the ADPI house and their theme was  "Rollin Deep in Tradition"

ZTA, our lovely next door neighbors

DZ's was AWESOME. They normally do great and really bring it but this was beyond me and was 3 dimensional which made it even better! The pictures can't do it justice because there are cars and people in the way. 

Kappa Alpha Theta's was really good too!

I got my aunt to snap a quick shot of me in fron of the Sorority house before the Arkansas game but she didn't even get our game day sign in the picture {which was the point, it's so cute!} but here I am.

The field and players warming up before the Arkansas game

To see this on the field, touched my heart. Ttown never down!

Me and my Aunt before the Arkansas game

at the Tenn game! This was before good ole Rocky Top got a good ole beat down. 

Leaving y'all with a giant ROLL TIDE! So amped for this weekend!!!! It's Bama vs. LSU and the deciding factor in who will go to the National Championship game {basically}. Or in case you listen to Finebaum it could also determine a possible re-match in the Nat'l championship {depending on how bad the loser loses, etc} because let's face it who wants to see either team play Boise in the BCS National Championship? I'd pick a rematch any day. 

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That one time I threw a baby shower for one of my frands...

I have this love/hate relationship with my camera. Love to take pictures but hate to upload because it's a pain. 

Well for the past 2 months I have been promising pictures from my friend Amber's baby shower that I hosted with some of our other friends. Well, here they are. Better late than never, right? 

ps. Her baby, Bryson, was born Friday {if you follow me on twitter you know this}. He was 8lbs and 21.5 inches and is purely beautiful. I am in love with him! He loves his Aunt Lulu, too.

Instead of doing favors we opted for a candy bar. It was a hit :) and so cute!

The cake {this was one of my duties so I am super proud} had polka dots that matched the invitations! Remember I posted about them here.

We had tons of delicious foods {as you can tell} Big thanks to my fellow hostesses and Amber's Mom-in-Law and her friends. The dips were amazing, thanks to Ashlea and I have stashed the yummy recipes in the back of my head {or I will just text her when I need them}.

The precious table decor. Games, place mats, confetti and napkins all colorful and the baby cakes that were just too cute {these were the center pieces of all of the tables}.

The Mama and her Hostesses {Shannon, Amber, Ashlea and Myself}

Me and the baby mama who looked gorg.

And again! She is like almost 7 months preggo here and still smaller than me. What the heck! I envy this long legged skinny gal.

The shower was such a success and I had an amazing time planning and hosting it for a wonderful friend and a beautiful baby. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jewelry Loving

Let me introduce y'all to one of my absolute favorite jewelry designers, Kara Strope! Kara makes some of the most gorgeous and classic yet unique and trendy pieces of jewelry. 

The funny thing is that the other day I was at a friends birthday gathering. A friend of a friend and I started talking, she started telling me that she lived in Fairhope {where I used to live} for awhile. A few moments later she put her hands in her coat pocket and pulled out an earring. She said, "OMG! I was wondering where this earring went.... too bad I lost the other one" -- or something along those lines. She started telling me about how she bought it when she lived in Fairhope and she showed it to me. Right away I knew the designer of the earring... Kara Strope! And BAM... that is how I made a new friend Jamie and also helped guide her to buying a replacement pair of earrings for her beloved pair. 

Let's start with the basics. 

A different twist on the classic pearl stud. 

My favorite {and the earring Jamie lost!}

Another twist on a classic! 

These pearl earrings can be worn with anything! They are so versatile and could be worn casual OR dressy. I think these would make the perf bridesmaid gift. A girl would have to be crazy to not appreciate this gift that can truly be worn time and time again with pretty much everything. Any of those pearl earrings could be staples in someones jewelry collection. There are so many more fabulous pearl options on the Kara Strope website.

These are so pretty. I love the clear stones. Like all the others, very versatile.

And these beauts... GORG. I am a black and gold kind of girl. 
I would wear these every where, every day. No, seriously.

But earrings aren't the only gorgeous things Kara Strope designs. Her necklaces are absolutely works of art. They are colorful, trendy and unique.... to say the least. 

You need to see for yourself:

This turquoise necklaces is just full of life. It has a vintage and eclectic feel to it but I would definitely pair it with some classic staples and it would really make a statement.

This necklace is the ultimate statement piece. Funky and modern come to mind but also classic with the chain like detail. 

As you can tell, I would probably buy every single piece of Kara Strope's jewelry if I could. However, I think I would have to invest in a larger jewelry chest. Her jewelry is just breathtaking. I am seeing big things for her future. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday: Nail Polish edition

Linking up as I do every other Wednesday with The Vintage Apple for the most fabulous link of all time...
 Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday! 

Today I will present you with my favorite nail polish's I have found. Cause a girl can never have too many nail polish's! I love all of these fabulous colors. Tell me I am not the ONLY one who has found awesome nail polish via pinterest. 

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*somehow in the mix of things this post got royally screwed up. I am blaming embedding the pictures from Pinterest. I hate doing that but it's easier. It always screws my post up somehow though. So sorry for no subtitles. If you want to know the name of a polish just leave a comment and I will let you know. thanks!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Halloween from the camp ground!

In the spirit of Halloween I have some very spooky pictures for you. I live right by Tannehill State Park and tons of people camp there with their campers, 5th wheels, motor homes and even real tents {shudder, I know}. At Halloween time everyone camping at the park {it's a lot of people that are camping there this time of year} decorate around their camper to get into the Halloween spirit. Last night we went riding around the camp ground & looking.

Let me tell you, these people are no amateur decorators! They have fancy schmancy set ups in front of their homes on wheels. Some are cutesy Halloween and some are, dare I say, straight up scary! They have contest and different awards for different themes. One had their award from last year displayed, they won "Best Use of Inflatables." Some had some inflatables I had never seen before, and I have seen a lot because let's face it.... I live in Alabama and those are high class {sarcasm}. 

It was really fun to ride around on a cool-er {remember, I live in Alabama} night with the windows down, looking at the decorations and smelling the sweet smell of a campfire {my favorite fall smell}. I love holiday decor! I want to decorate our yard for Halloween all crazy next year. We normally have decent amount of tasteful Christmas decor out {wreath, big bows, garland, white lights}. Remind me at Christmas time to tell y'all a REALLY funny story about Christmas decorations.

I took a lot of pics and here are some of my favorite decorations...

So what do you think? Isn't it awesome?