Monday, October 31, 2011

That one time I didn't post pictures all football season

Since I haven't done a football post all season, I have saved most of the pics for one post. This is the Arkansas game, Homecoming {Vandy} and Tennessee games all in one post.

 Roll Tide!

I told yall about the lawn decorations, didn't I? Yah, they are extreme check out the detail... Btw, this years overall them was Roll with tradition or something like that. 

This is so awesome. Kudos to KKG cause they rarely try at homecoming but I must say their Bear Bryant and Nick Saban are out of this world. Oh and the font on that, pretty sure it's hand of sean #graphicdesignerproblems I totally felt like a dork but someone must have made those and traced them out which I give props for. 

My sorority's {Gamma Phi Beta} lawn decoration! I love the houndstooth ribbon

Across from us was the ADPI house and their theme was  "Rollin Deep in Tradition"

ZTA, our lovely next door neighbors

DZ's was AWESOME. They normally do great and really bring it but this was beyond me and was 3 dimensional which made it even better! The pictures can't do it justice because there are cars and people in the way. 

Kappa Alpha Theta's was really good too!

I got my aunt to snap a quick shot of me in fron of the Sorority house before the Arkansas game but she didn't even get our game day sign in the picture {which was the point, it's so cute!} but here I am.

The field and players warming up before the Arkansas game

To see this on the field, touched my heart. Ttown never down!

Me and my Aunt before the Arkansas game

at the Tenn game! This was before good ole Rocky Top got a good ole beat down. 

Leaving y'all with a giant ROLL TIDE! So amped for this weekend!!!! It's Bama vs. LSU and the deciding factor in who will go to the National Championship game {basically}. Or in case you listen to Finebaum it could also determine a possible re-match in the Nat'l championship {depending on how bad the loser loses, etc} because let's face it who wants to see either team play Boise in the BCS National Championship? I'd pick a rematch any day. 

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sGe said...

Amen to the Bama-LSU rematch game for the national championship!

Michelle said...

So, uh, go KKG. haha That yard decoration is the bommmmb. Too stinkin' cute.

Miss Lindsay said...

Ahh I love the spirit!!! Your sign is my fav!

Brittany said...

Cute pics! I can't wait till Saturday!! Roll Tide :)

Anonymous said...

Roll Tide! This practically is the National Championship at the rate the tickets are selling for and the hype for this game!! I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Hopefully I'll see ya down there!! :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

wow!! this are amazing!!! love all the pictures :)

katmcd said...

So Fun! I love looking at the ADPi House!

The Belles of Saturday said...

Thanks for linking up with us! I CANNOT believe this was your first fb post all season!! I am so sad it's almost over :-(

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