Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's the bomb like tick, tick.

So I was going to the Lilly blog to try and find a good picture to use for this post that I was already going to theme around their fabulous "Cherry Bomb" print, low & behold they had just done a post about it which you can read here !

So onward with my post....

The second I saw this print was coming out for the summer I was a bit obsessed! I really love the 4th of July and found this print to be adorable, unique and quite fitting.

The colors are awesome; especially the red! I like the red so much beause it is kind of muted. Maybe muted is not the word... it's just not bright, I guess. It's patriotic, duh... but it doesn't scream "AMERICAN FLAG" or "YOU CAN ONLY WEAR ME 1 DAY A YEAR." I find the print could easily be worn throughout the summer.

Of course I want to snag up a few piece of this when the Lilly Summer goes on sale. I am thinking a Franco dress or a Tate skirt. Or both.

I love the 4th because it makes me think of the lake where I have spent all but about 3 4th of July's in my entire life. It makes me think of my crazy family (cause we use to have our Family Reunion every 4th) getting drunk, skinny dipping, painting faces and having water balloon fights. I was never old enough to participate in the skinny dipping or drinking when all this was going down but I did throw a few water balloons and my artist cousin Barbara always did some fine face painting. Face painting normally turned into "Body painting." All the kids would be getting flowers and butterflies and the next thing you know my cousin Georgia had a smiley face that covered her entire belly or my mom had a vine of exotic flowers growing down her leg, it happened.... NBD! I never really ever even knew the Skinny Dipping was going on til I was about 10. I always just thought it was a family joke. Like how the flamingo was on our family crest (which was a joke because my great-grandmother had plastic flamingoes in her front yard). We always watched the fireworks on the lake and did a few of our own. However, I was never allowed near a firework. My mom said "such and such percentage of children go to the emergency room from firework related injuries every year". In fact, my mom was so paranoid I wasn't allowed to play with a sparkler until I was about 8 years old because some dumb kid stabbed their eye out with one -- or something along those lines. I digress.

In case I don't blog between now and Monday, I bid you all a VERY Happy 4th of July! Have fun and be safe!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This is why I love Heather McDonald

*This post is Religious in content and may be found offensive. If you feel you might be offended by a Jehovah's Witness joke or two -- read no further.

I feel like Heather McDonald and me could be real life biffers. Seriously. We have pretty much everything in common. This next excerpt from her book "You'll Never Blue Ball In This Town Again" is the most prime reason:

"Growing up, we lived within a mile of a Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall. They would always knock on our door and my parents taught us to say, 'No, thank you. We're Catholic.' Sometimes they would say, 'OK,' but oftentimes they would say, 'Well please take our literature. It's about building a strong family.' I always felt so bad for them; still do. Walking door-to-door in the heart, does anyone really just join a church because someone knocks on their door and asks them to? I guess some must;  otherwise, they would stop doing it"

Lemme just splain to ya.... growing up with two parents with two different religious backgrouns, it ain't easy! My religion is better than yours banters were some of my moms favorite arguments as to why my dad was full of crap! Note, my mom did not become Catholic til well after my parents met, I was about 5. This bashing of other religious denominations {politically correct} is probably what led my mom to teach me and my sister the exact same thing that Heather McDonald was taught. When the freaks come a knockin' you open the door a slight crack just wide enough for them to shove that little pamphlet in your face, smile back and kill them with kindness as you simply said "Sorry, we're Catholic".

 "We're Catholic" kind of meant We're the yeah-we-go-to-church-every-weekend-take-communinion-drank-that-wine-but-we-love-a-good-time  kind of Catholic and frankly, we're pretty traditional and no, we don't to join your church where birthdays and holidays cease to exist.

I can say these kinds of things because my sister had a "sitter" or "nanny" growing up,  she kept children in her home as well as her own grand children which is why all the children called her Mimi. My sister stayed there from the time she was like 6 months old until she was 4. She was a Jehovah's Witness and one of the nicest women I have ever been blessed to meet (still go and visit her every time I am at the Galleria, she works in the handbag department at Belk). She did not celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's, St. Paddy's Day (what the hell, I know!), not even President's or Labor Day or God forbid MLK Day (that would be considered racist this day and time, Mimi). Instead when all of her children left her for the real world -- aka kindergarden or in my sisters case, 4K she gave them a going away party. Lavish it was! She gave gifts too! My sister got a Pocahontas lunch box and the Jehovah's Witness version of the child's Bible (see, PUSHY!)

I too, like Heather, felt sorry for them but I knew they were not of our kind. Weird people... who doesn't celebrate holidays? I still feel bad for them (as well as the Church of God people who make the girls and women wear the long dresses that cover the entire body with long sleeves and wear long hair and never cut it but put it back in a bun and wear tennis shoes with dresses and skirts (shudder..... I die a little on the inside when I see these people in public). My sympathy and utter embarassment for them is what led me to ask my friends, Shannon and Elizabeth to give me a few dollar bills during Memorial Day weekend to pass out the window to the poor kids in their winter garments standing at the stoplight by Target with a bucket for their youth group or something.

Anyways, I just wanted to relate how much I love Heather McDonald and got a bit sidetracked. Sorry if I offended you. I feel really bad and will probably go to hell now. But, like a good Catholic girl I am I will just go and do some Hail Mary's and everything will be just fine (KIDDING!!!!)

I am not sacreligious, I just have some humor when it comes to Religions and their stereotypes.

I am done. Let the hate mail commence.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Listen ....

So my birthday, which I never blogged about brought me lots of money and of course other small gifts. 3 of which being cd's that I am jammin' to in my car every am & pm and the little time in between that I am actually in my car. Please pardon my random music taste, I can't help it...


double duh.

*swoon* plus I think their version of "Teenage dream" is better than Katy Perry's

Oh and the past few days I have read 2 books that are wildly and I do mean it, hilarious.

Chelsea Handler is a riot and obvi a favorite (I am a white chick in it's truest form). She didn't really write this book but it's filled with stories of her bullshitting others. 

Heather McDonald is no Chelsea but she too is wildly hilarious. She might be fighting Chelsea for the number 1 spot in my heart. Simply because she didn't have to sleep around to have some of the most funny stories and because she was a Gamma Phi Beta and mentions it at least every other paragraph. "I was a Gamma Phi Beta".... "When I lived in the Gamma Phi Beta house".... "My mom was a Gamma Phi Beta". She is one girl I am NOT ashamed to call my sista.

That's what I am drowning my hears with and filling my head with.... cover songs, gagaloo and profanity and bullshittery. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

wanna get witcha and take yo pictcha!

Here are the pictures from the things I have been doing the past month :) They start out in order but end up all jumbled up and me, being the lazy butt I am, refuse to re-organize them! Enjoy!

I asked my aunt if Caesar really lived here and she gave me a strange look. I wanted to tweet it and hashtag it with #hangoverquotes

Pussy Cat Doll Casino inside Caesar's. Heaven on earth for me. Three things I love: leopard, pink and The PCD

When it's not like 10 am like it was when I took this pic, girls are up dancing on those stages

Ahhh I want to learn to play so I can play next time I go back!

Do you think this could have fit in my suitcase?

 Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill in Casear's. I am definitely eating there next time!

Ceiling in The Forum at Caesar's

Wolfgang Puck's Spago inside The Forum at Caesar's

One of the dealers at the PCD Table. If I am going to disrespect my body and wear something trashy I would definitely choose this outfit, just sayin'

Me before the Glee Tour

Glee singing Born This Way

Rachel and Kurt's duet on the mini stage like 20 feet from me

Quinn and Sam Singing their duet "Lucky"

I think I want to stay at The Mirage next time! And definitely want to see The Beatles Cirque

arrrggh, Treasure Island! A pirates life for me!

My favey

The Venetian which sadly I will never be able to afford to stay there but oh so gorgeous

Another view of the Venetian because pictures will just have to do until I meet Mr.Richey Rich

Me and My Aunt at Glee. Made this one Sephia because I looked EXTRA pasty !

Me and My aunt in front of the Venetian fountain

Las Vegas views from the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris

Las Vegas views from the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris

Las Vegas views from the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris

Las Vegas views from the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris

Ok this was at the Glee tour, looked to my left and saw Sam, Mike and Puck. Sam in blue, Mike in green and Puck had just started towards the main stage. I was this close!

Me and Shannon in Mississippi for our friend's wedding

Shannon, Amber and Me at the rehearsal dinner at Grandmama's house

Guess what! See that? Yes, she's expecting baby boy Bryson

Me and Momma-To-Be at the Rehearsal Dinner

Me and the Bride at the Post-Reharsal Party at The Tate's

Me and Amber at the reception which I taught Bryson his first sweet dance moves. You can thank me later, Amber. In like 16 years when he is a lady killer.

Me and Libby - this is my friends 14 year old sister. Good grief! 

Of course I have about 200 more pictures from Vegas and just a couple more from the wedding. I would love to post other wedding pictures from my friends that have posted them on facebook but apparently since facebook got the new weird album with the black background (totally annoying and I know someone is sympathizing with me) it is impossible to drag and drop the pictures to my desk top on my mac. what the heck facebook? 

Enjoy :) I promised pictures and pictures you shall get!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Hair Miracle

After a blogging hiatus. I am back y'all. Serious. Make me come back?

A lot has happened ... well just Las Vegas and my Birthday and I promise to do  a Vegas post soon! But first... today's post!

So just when I am giving up all faith in humanity and hair care I find what I like to call my hair miracle. I found that new Organix shampoo a month or so ago and it was alright for the first week or two. My hair just gets too accustomed to shampoos too quickly and then goes right back to it's old nasty ways.

So some people advocate things. I am one of them. Meet one of the newest things I am IN LOVE (and I mean head over heels...) with:

Wen by Chaz Dean. Some of you have probably seen the late night infomercials or if you watch QVC you've seen Mr.Dean on there washing all those models gorgeous hair. Yes, you too can have hair like theirs.

Pssht. Did not believe that for one second.

I never thought I would like this shampoo/conditioner. I mean, cleansing conditioner. I have never been fond of the 2 in 1's cause my hair is always tangly and dry. It's a no lather shampoo so I also thought I wouldn't like it because I have this obsession that if it isn't lathering then it's not getting clean. Weird. I know. My aunt talked me into trying it.... like just about everything else I use and love.

Obsession since day 1. It works wonders for dry, damaged, colored hair. I will never go back. Ever. I have tried tea-tree and pomegranate. I am getting the gallon size this week... I'm thinking in Fig.

Thanks, Chaz Dean.

Your once most suspicious but now most devoted fan.