Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Listen ....

So my birthday, which I never blogged about brought me lots of money and of course other small gifts. 3 of which being cd's that I am jammin' to in my car every am & pm and the little time in between that I am actually in my car. Please pardon my random music taste, I can't help it...


double duh.

*swoon* plus I think their version of "Teenage dream" is better than Katy Perry's

Oh and the past few days I have read 2 books that are wildly and I do mean it, hilarious.

Chelsea Handler is a riot and obvi a favorite (I am a white chick in it's truest form). She didn't really write this book but it's filled with stories of her bullshitting others. 

Heather McDonald is no Chelsea but she too is wildly hilarious. She might be fighting Chelsea for the number 1 spot in my heart. Simply because she didn't have to sleep around to have some of the most funny stories and because she was a Gamma Phi Beta and mentions it at least every other paragraph. "I was a Gamma Phi Beta".... "When I lived in the Gamma Phi Beta house".... "My mom was a Gamma Phi Beta". She is one girl I am NOT ashamed to call my sista.

That's what I am drowning my hears with and filling my head with.... cover songs, gagaloo and profanity and bullshittery. 


Leslie said...

I'm obsessed with the Lady Gaga CD!! It makes me just want to break out in dance ;)

Brittany said...

I have been wanting to read the new Chelsea book!!

Anonymous said...

The Edge of Glory is my summer anthem hahaha! and the guy who plays blaine went to my school! Weird, right?

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