Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Lock Them Doors

and turn the lights down looooooooow . Yeah, I will be getting to Scotty boy later.

Many exciting things to blog about this week. I promise I am going to get back to regular blogging stat. I miss it.

First off, I will have a Vegas blog up no later than Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Vegas was fabulous! I had so much fun, ate great food, did a lot of sight seeing (and therefore walking) and shopping (and therefore MORE walking). I saw the Glee live tour on Saturday night and it was Ahh-Mazing. I was less than 2 feet from Sam, Puck and Mike at one point (pictures to come and the story with that later).

Secondly, I am so bummed that Chelsea Kane did NOT win DWTS. I was even more dissapointed that she placed 3rd when 2nd was rightfully hers (sorry Kirstie). I figured Hines would win and he was great, he deserved it. 

Third, how bout that AI? I have never been an Idol fan until this season. The entire top 13 were just soooo talented. Alabama got a rep in there with homeboy Paul McDonald and then little Lauren Alaina herself was a Crimson Tide fan. Lauren was talented and good but I did not think she was mature enough to win, plus little young blonde country girls are a dime a dozen. That being said I am glad Scotty won (even though Haley was my favorite the entire time and I was devastated as she was when she was eliminated). Country needs a young, fresh male!

Fourth, SYTYCD starts tonight! Speaking of, did you know that Glee's Heather Morris {Brittany}  was a SYTYCD contestant? Points away from the top 20. I read about that in the latest issue of Women's Health magazine whilst in an airport. Post SYTYCD Morris was a back up dancer for Beyonce and originally brought in to teach the Glee cast the "Single Ladies" dance (which Kurt did and sang during the Glee tour). They liked her so they made the minor role of cheerio Brittany for her which turned into a MAJOR role in the 2nd season giving her some of the show's best one liners.

Fifth, I am dead tired. My brain is still living in Pacific time zone. Not to mention that my days  (and nights) are now consumed with genealogy research and digging skeletons out of my dead great-grandfather's closet. I love the research though! I have been able to connect with other researchers of my family's lineage (very distant cousins) and speak with them and share information. Most of them are very seasoned researchers who have nearly 30 years of time invested in my paternal grandmothers side of the family, the Eaves family.

I am not sure if I have briefed my blogosphere on why I started this project. My grandmother Helen, my dad's mom -- bless her. She has always wondered about her Eaves family. Her father was 54 when she was born (holy old, I know). He died when she was 19 and she never knew much about him. Growing up she always thought he was "the oldest man in the world." Since he was older she definitely never knew her Eaves grandparents, knew few of her fathers brothers (and not very well) and has always felt generally disconnected. The thing is, my great-grandfather Eaves had a family before he married my great-grandmother, Momma Dear. My grandmother knew this but she only thought she had 2 half brothers -- turns out she had 2 half sisters too. I have been able to talk with the granddaughter of one of the half sisters. 

It's all very confusing and genealogy is quite intricate. Don't even get me started on how these researchers do the yDNA testing on males from a specific surname to see if they are actually related to far back relatives they think they are related to. It's a bit much at first. Like every family, ours has a brick wall... or an ancestor that we can't get past or find anything much on him. His name is Rhody Eaves and he has become the eternal headache of the researchers I have spoke with thus far. 

I have found out I am related to the famous Reverend Thomas Maxwell (he's my 5th great grandfather). An early American jailed multiple times for spreading the gospel of the baptist faith {remember, this WAS the 1700's}. He was defended by good friend,Patrick Henry {yes, THE PATRICK HENRY}. It has been said that my 5th great-grandfather's faith inspired Patrick Henry to write the First Amendment to Our Constitution. I feel so patriotic and proud to say that!!!! Anywho, aside from finding cool things I have also found things I never thought I would... as my dear cousin/fellow researcher Martin has told me "blessed are those who seek the truth and cursed are those who find it."

This summer my family and I are taking my grandmother to Elbert County, Georgia which is where her family descend from for many many years to visit some historic family monuments, grave sites, etc. After that I plan on making my grandmother a book of her heritage {well, with as much information I can find}. I will keep you all up to date on the stuff I find out. I have mainly been researching my paternal grandmothers paternal side but also her maternal, my paternal grandfathers side and my moms side. Whew. Information over load!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I shoulda been a Jersey girl

If I had it MY way... I would be from New Jersey. Well, not really cause I like being Southern... but if I had to choose ANOTHER geographical area to be from it would def be Jersey. No, I am not talking Jersey Shore-esque cause I really don't like those guidos. I am talking 100% Jersey Italians (none of those Jersey Shore people are actually from Jersey). I have had a fascination with NJ since I met a guy that I was pretty sure was perfect {I won't bore you with all the perfect details} and he was from NJ. The funny thing is, he wasn't guido at all... (he definitely reminded me more of The Manzo Brothers.) Anywho, shortly after meeting him the first season of RHONJ came on and ever since... HOOKED.  I love the cray cray Real Housewives of New Jersey.

No surprise last nights season premiere would be dramatic. With 2 new women, I was really apprehensive at how the show was going to turn out. Melissa, Teresa's sister in law and Kathy, Teresa's cousin are the new housewives of the armpit of America {see, I love Jersey but can make some jokes too}. I don't think I am going to like Melissa that much. I love Teresa but am fully aware she is antagonistic and brings a lot of drama on herself. If only she could be more like Caroline {who is wise as an owl} or Jacqueline {who is so levelheaded}. 

Of course we had to start the season out with a FAB PARTY! These people go all out for christening's sheesh. A simple brunch will do just fine here in Al-uh-bam-uh. Oh, it's an Italian thing... I forgot.

So there were a few things I could not help but laugh about... first off; The Manzo Family "Southern Style" dinner. I am from the dirty south and we do not eat country fried chicken, biscuits and chili together. Chili isn't even a southern thing, I would consider that more western. A better more realistic southern meal would have probably been fried chicken {they atleast got the fried part right}, mashed potatoes and field peas.

I also love how they were like "I guess there are some Italians in the South." Ummm yeah, ya think? I'm Catholic and grew up going to Catholic school and with a LOT of Italians. Trust me, the "Southern Italians" are just as Italian as y'all are up there in Little Italy, I mean Jersey. I grew up with kids from very traditional Italian families... probably more Italian than the Manzo's ever dreamed of being. 

This was a kicker -- they obviously know nothing about geography or anything about the southeast in general...  Caroline referred to the South as Arkansas... "When people in Arkansas cook Italian food they probably open a jar of sauce" and Chris started talking in his "cajun" accent. WTF? People from Arkansas are NOT cajun. That's Louisiana, hun. I was just like does he really think Arkansas people are cajun.... cause... they aren't. The whole kitchen scene I was just like OMG please stop talking and just play the ham game. The Manzo's are my favorite family on the show though.

Let's see what else there is to say about last nights episode... Jacqueline looks great! Caroline does too. Teresa is the same as always and I am glad she addressed her and Juicy Joe's financial problems and was honest. Her daughters are precious as everrrr. Ashley is annoying, ungrateful and unrealistic. Sorry but you will never land a PR job without a college education and you should stop thinking your mom and stepdad owe you everything. Lauren looked like she had gained a few lbs from last season but I am not judging just stating. Chris looked like he had gained some weight too, again no judgement just an observation.

I don't have a lot to say about the new gals yet. I am just relieved that Danielle is gone, Whew! Since this is one of my top 5 shows I will start talking about it a lot on here.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Music makes me lose control

Ya, I do love music but I am not one of "those" people who claim that music is their life, they live for music, music is the breath of air in their lungs {yes, I know some people like this} and on and on with the melodrama. I don't think I would be much of a music festival person. While the musical selections at Bonnaroo {and the like} are rather appealing; camping, not bathing, and being surrounded by wanna-be hippies doing hallucinogens with no one on trip patrol is NOT my cup of tea. Especially the camping and not bathing part -- we are talking about the Girl Scout of 8 years who only slept in a tent ONCE and hated it. The only only music festival I can really picture myself enjoying is The Hangout. Unfortch I will be missing it this year.

I am going to be in Las Vegas {eeep. 4 days!!!} during The Hangout Music Festival. Don't get me wrong I am going to have a blasty blast in Viva Las Vegas. Seriously. I am so excited.  But if I could have my way I wish Hangout Fest was a diff weekend so I could do BOTH! If you haven't heard of Hangout Music Fest then are you missing out, forrealsies. The festival is in it's second year and is located on the sandy white beaches of Gulf Shores, Ala. {kinda my hometown... moved there when I was 13}. 

If you have visited the area, you know at the "T" of 59 & Beach Road in GS there is The Hangout {located right up by the public beach} and it is a restaurant. Well the masterminds behind the festival are the owners of the restaurant turned entertainment mecca. The 3 day festival is the only one of it's kind, the shows are literally on the beach and you have an ocean view. 

They are predicting this festival to get as big as Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Coachella and ACL. This is biiiiig. The festival lost money in the first year {the totally expected it too and were ok with that} and will allegedly lose money again this year {and probably a few more years}. They take these losses with a grain of salt as they expect once it really picks up to be wildly profitable. 

This years line up is incredible. It would be amazeballs to spend three days chillin on the beach just listening to the likes of The Pretty Lights, Girl Talk, Cee Lo Green, Bassnectar, Widespread Panic, Amos Lee, Keller Williams,  Old Crow Medicine Show, Matisyahu, Ween, Foo Fighters, Paul Simon, Umphrey's McGee, Galactic and STS9 juuust to name a few. To add salt to the wounds... my little sister gets to go. For FREE. Cause she works at the Hangout. Granted she has to work til 2 am on one of the nights... freeeeee is the operative word here. 

One day... I will go to my music festival where I can sleep in the comfort of my own home, not have to worry about a thing, get a discounted ticket, and enjoy some nice beats. Until then...

Friday, May 13, 2011


Before I get to the jist of this post, I am going to confess. I am so behind on blog reading. It is TRULY shameful. I use to go to blogger every hour, and today I get on and realized I have missed so much in my blog friends lives. I am going to make it up to you with bookoo's of comments when I have *time* oh and I started writing this post like 4 days ago and here I am finally finishing it. I was going to finish it last night but apparently blogger was having a meltdown. so here we go...

So where have I been besides MIA? Busy little bee. Work has been hectic since the storms, we do travel for FEMA and FEMA contractors. Plus, I just haven't been here in the head. My couponing takes up a large bit of time (my dad says I am now addicted) but I sweetly remind him, I don't believe in addiction and that I am just helping the helpless.

As much as I truly love couponing now -- and helping others... I have treated myself to two little goodies. This week at Rite-Aid EOS lip balms are on sale for $2.99 and there is a rebate for $2 which makes them only .99 cents. I have been wanting to try them but could only find the "summer fruit" flavor.  So whilst on sale I grabbed tangerine and honeysuckle honeydew. Lurveee them. 

I feel bad cause I haven't linked up with my weight loss gang in 2 weeks and was going to last night but as previously stated blogger was in manic mode. So, since I did NOT get to link up for the weight loss challenge yesterday I will do today... or I will participate... not link up since all of yesterday's posts are gone and there is no where to link up :[

Weight Loss Challenge

Very happy with some of the progress I have made on the challenge (remember, I am no longer doing #'s.. not til the end). Still eating healthy and losing weight, inches, noticing lots of changes!!! This past week had a few little ups and downs as far as appetite was concerned. I was not that hungry at all then all the sudden felt the urge to eat. I ate a couple of unhealthy things but still lost weight. It was nice but can't cheat all the time.

Clothes are getting bigger/not fitting. I have a weird body type (and realistic expectations) so I don't expect to drop a ton of sizes. I have wide hips and have a phobia of clothes being too tight. Also at my smallest, I was a size 8 so don't expect to go any lower than that... or even that low.

I am almost ready to run my 5k... I ran 3.8 on Wednesday night and felt awesome afterwards. For me, the hardest part is getting past that first 1.3-1.5 mile marker. Then I  hydrate with some water and it's easy breezy. I was going to run the Zoo 5k this weekend but decided I was just too tired and did not want to wake up at O' Dark Thirty on a Saturday am! I will be running tonight though. It's my short run night so I will just be running 2 miles.

There ya go... a little update. I can't wait til the end (how is it only 2 weeks away? geeez) and I can share with everyone the total number. I wish I had taken a before pic of my figure maybe in my swimsuit but of course did not want to do that.... or harm your eyes. I am in a wedding in a little less than a month... so from here to now of course it's crunch time. Just wanna look fly.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Out of the FUNK and back in blogging business!

It's been a long 2 days since my last entry. While my entries might be few and far between for a couple more weeks (due to me spending all my time couponing for tornado relief, more to come on this later) I am happy to be back. Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be honest. I did not even think about my blog but today it was on my mind so here I am :)

I definitely want to extend a big THANKS to Michelle at Southern Ambition for being so extremely supportive and comforting to me (I know we're blog friends, but for a stranger to just reach out... so awesome) and to all the KKG's at Georgia Southern for their hard work this past week to produce this shirt:

Combining "Southern" supports the "Tide" for a SOUTHERN TIDE themed shirt was a brilliant idea. I love it, especially the houndstooth! I am so happy I got the opportunity to order one, Michelle's the best! As if I did not love Kappa's enough as it is (thanks to Baylor's Rappa Rappa Jamma for the Kappa Kappa Gamma). Obvs I am going to have to say that since there is no Gamma Phi at GSU, if you go there -- you should go with the blue on blue.

Onward, I want to express utter gratitude and PRAISE to one of my favorite designers Judith March. We all know in the FALL she had her gameday dresses. Well now, thanks to inspiration from the Toomer's For Tuscaloosa group, there are two dresses that are being made and 100% proceeds are going to tornado relief efforts provided by Toomer's for Tuscaloosa.

The houndstooth ribbon one is precious! I really want it!  If anyone is interested in ordering, call Amy at extension #313 from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. to order up to two of each of these dress styles at $89 a piece! (850) 267-0293. For this fundraising event, no refunds or exchanges can be accepted. All sales are final. THANK YOU JM!!!! Duh, had to find a way to post about some fashion related stuff. 
Like I said my posts will be few and far between for awhile due to my couponing. I am really getting the hang of this! No, I am not like the people on extreme couponing but I have about $30 invested in WELL OVER $100 worth of tolietries and supplies. I will be doing this probably for several weeks. I could get sooo much more for these people but I don't have the coupon resourced. I can't get enough coupons! I am begging all my blogging friends --  PLEASE PLEASE if you don't use the coupons you receive in your Sunday paper or in the mail get in touch with me and I would really appreciate for you to mail them to me. I will even mail you back $1 to cover the postage expenses. 
 I did not participate in the Weight Loss Challenge last week or this week but rest assured I am still running and working out, eating right and losing weight. Just have not had the time to post about it -- nor the brain function LOL. I will be back with my weight loss buddies next week. Can't wait to hear about your progresses!
Until next time. Roll Tide and God Bless Alabama.

Monday, May 2, 2011

We Are Alabama

Before I go into this, I just want to say... God Bless America! I have cried a lot in the past week and last night was a first; happy tears. Chills ran up my spine as President Obama addressed the nation on the death of Osama Bin Laden. I am not a fan of Mr.Obama but all political differences aside, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride when HE stated that we are "one nation, under God..."

For now, I am going to be on a bit of  a "blogging" hiatus. Don't worry, I will be back in full force. I don't know how long this will last -- I just know I don't have the time right now with everything going on here in Sweet Home Alabama. I also don't have the heart . I can't think of things that I find meaningful enough to write about. I am also pretty busy with some stuff at work and just life in general.

Disclaimer: I still want to gab about the Royal Wedding and have a post half-way finished {started it on Friday night but could not finish}. I have avoided reading every Royal Wedding post because of this. 

I should be able to resume to some normalcy of emotions and feelings within the next week. So this is my last post for awhile and has a few final updates. 

Guess who is in Tuscaloosa today to check out the damage and hopefully HELP? Charlie Sheen!!!!! he tweeted last night: "Alabama; Heading your way. On a recon mission. My Cadre right behind me. You need help. I'm bringing it. DogSpeed. c."

 Yes, he is in Tuscaloosa and has been seen with Mayor Walt Maddox and wearing a U of A cap. Now that's what I call winning, ROLL TIDE!

I am so proud of the University of Alabama Greek Community. They are coming together as one to help serve Tuscaloosa. Yesterday ALONE they served over 8,000 meals. They are working around the clock!! Something VERY cool about their operations is they are heavily relying on social media to get the word out.  They have set up a facebook page and a twitter feed to let the public and other greeks know their immediate needs. They tweeted "We need loaves of bread, asap" and less than 10 minutes later a man showed up with over a 100 loaves and said I heard this is what you needed. Special thanks to DKE, Phi Gam, Beta and Sigma Nu for the use of their houses. THIS IS WHAT BEING GREEK IS ALL ABOUT... THE GREATER GOOD!

Also very proud of all the Auburn Fans showing so much class in this time of need. The group, Toomer's for Tuscaloosa, is unbelievable. 

If you know anything about college football rivalries, the Alabama/Auburn one is considered the greatest in college football.  Putting these differences aside to help neighbors in need is heartwarming. Some people are still being catty about it due to the recent poisoning of Toomer's Oaks but this is peoples lives, homes, families, livelihood we are talking about, not an oak tree. 

If any of my blog friends would like to help out, trust me... There is a way. No matter WHERE you live or how far away. Your help is needed!!! I know have talked about Tuscaloosa a lot but this is not just Tuscaloosa... we are talking almost the entire state from central all the way to North Ala. as well as parts of Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee.

You can donate online through the Red Cross. There is a place on the homepage that looks like this:

If you would like to donate to a more specific cause, my sorority (I have talked about how the tornadoes has affected the chapter here and here) has a Relief Fund set up. If you would like to donate any amount (none too big or too small) you can do so safely and securely by sending monetary donations to:

Gamma Phi Relief Fund

C/o GreekResources Services
PO Box 1880 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403
Please rest assured, the money will be used appropriately. 

There is also still a great need for a large list of general supplies: toiletries (toothbrushes, tooth paste, soap, feminine hygiene, adult diapers etc); baby supplies (diapers, wipes, baby food, bottles); first aid (band-aids, pain relievers, neosporin); building supplies (tarps, hammers, nails); along with garbage bags, ziploc bags, plastic spoons/forks, paper plates, ANY non-perishable foods... just to name a few things. if you would like to find a place to send any of these supplies to, please contact me by leaving a comment on how to get in touch with you or email me lindseyleighw at gmail dot com

Ladies, I also just read that there is a need for women's bras... D cup & up. New, used,  it doesn't matter. Help hold the tata's! If you have any -- let me know! I will get these to the right people.

My aunt and grandmother took an entire trunk full of toiletries to our church yesterday morning. At first it looks like so much. Then you realize how many people are in need... and it doesn't seem like a lot at all. We feel so blessed to be able to help other people out.
Today I am wearing this...
except mine does not look just like this

To honor...
Melanie "Nicole" Mixon
and to support...
My sisters, Love in IIKE.

I am keeping Gamma Phi and the Mixon family in my prayers today, as Nicole's precious soul is laid to rest.

As I wrap up this post... I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. All of you -- for your messages and comments. When I am back from my break, I just know I will have a list of specific people to thank. Keep sending prayers this way!!! Roll Tide and God Bless America.

We Are Alabama.