Thursday, May 5, 2011

Out of the FUNK and back in blogging business!

It's been a long 2 days since my last entry. While my entries might be few and far between for a couple more weeks (due to me spending all my time couponing for tornado relief, more to come on this later) I am happy to be back. Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be honest. I did not even think about my blog but today it was on my mind so here I am :)

I definitely want to extend a big THANKS to Michelle at Southern Ambition for being so extremely supportive and comforting to me (I know we're blog friends, but for a stranger to just reach out... so awesome) and to all the KKG's at Georgia Southern for their hard work this past week to produce this shirt:

Combining "Southern" supports the "Tide" for a SOUTHERN TIDE themed shirt was a brilliant idea. I love it, especially the houndstooth! I am so happy I got the opportunity to order one, Michelle's the best! As if I did not love Kappa's enough as it is (thanks to Baylor's Rappa Rappa Jamma for the Kappa Kappa Gamma). Obvs I am going to have to say that since there is no Gamma Phi at GSU, if you go there -- you should go with the blue on blue.

Onward, I want to express utter gratitude and PRAISE to one of my favorite designers Judith March. We all know in the FALL she had her gameday dresses. Well now, thanks to inspiration from the Toomer's For Tuscaloosa group, there are two dresses that are being made and 100% proceeds are going to tornado relief efforts provided by Toomer's for Tuscaloosa.

The houndstooth ribbon one is precious! I really want it!  If anyone is interested in ordering, call Amy at extension #313 from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. to order up to two of each of these dress styles at $89 a piece! (850) 267-0293. For this fundraising event, no refunds or exchanges can be accepted. All sales are final. THANK YOU JM!!!! Duh, had to find a way to post about some fashion related stuff. 
Like I said my posts will be few and far between for awhile due to my couponing. I am really getting the hang of this! No, I am not like the people on extreme couponing but I have about $30 invested in WELL OVER $100 worth of tolietries and supplies. I will be doing this probably for several weeks. I could get sooo much more for these people but I don't have the coupon resourced. I can't get enough coupons! I am begging all my blogging friends --  PLEASE PLEASE if you don't use the coupons you receive in your Sunday paper or in the mail get in touch with me and I would really appreciate for you to mail them to me. I will even mail you back $1 to cover the postage expenses. 
 I did not participate in the Weight Loss Challenge last week or this week but rest assured I am still running and working out, eating right and losing weight. Just have not had the time to post about it -- nor the brain function LOL. I will be back with my weight loss buddies next week. Can't wait to hear about your progresses!
Until next time. Roll Tide and God Bless Alabama.


Portuguese Prepster said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing well! Those t-shirts are awesome, what a great idea!

Jessica said...

It is so inspiring that you are helping out with the relief effort. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for coupons to send your way.

Jesslyn Amber said...

Okay, you're adorable. Let's please be friends! haha!

I'm from TN, but I am HUGE Alabama Football fan--born and raised! And, I have sweet white baby named Lilah... and I love Sex and the City. It seems like we have a lot on common. :)

I'm so heartbroken by all the devastation in Alabama. I pray for all those affected every day! Were you directly affected? :(

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