Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I shoulda been a Jersey girl

If I had it MY way... I would be from New Jersey. Well, not really cause I like being Southern... but if I had to choose ANOTHER geographical area to be from it would def be Jersey. No, I am not talking Jersey Shore-esque cause I really don't like those guidos. I am talking 100% Jersey Italians (none of those Jersey Shore people are actually from Jersey). I have had a fascination with NJ since I met a guy that I was pretty sure was perfect {I won't bore you with all the perfect details} and he was from NJ. The funny thing is, he wasn't guido at all... (he definitely reminded me more of The Manzo Brothers.) Anywho, shortly after meeting him the first season of RHONJ came on and ever since... HOOKED.  I love the cray cray Real Housewives of New Jersey.

No surprise last nights season premiere would be dramatic. With 2 new women, I was really apprehensive at how the show was going to turn out. Melissa, Teresa's sister in law and Kathy, Teresa's cousin are the new housewives of the armpit of America {see, I love Jersey but can make some jokes too}. I don't think I am going to like Melissa that much. I love Teresa but am fully aware she is antagonistic and brings a lot of drama on herself. If only she could be more like Caroline {who is wise as an owl} or Jacqueline {who is so levelheaded}. 

Of course we had to start the season out with a FAB PARTY! These people go all out for christening's sheesh. A simple brunch will do just fine here in Al-uh-bam-uh. Oh, it's an Italian thing... I forgot.

So there were a few things I could not help but laugh about... first off; The Manzo Family "Southern Style" dinner. I am from the dirty south and we do not eat country fried chicken, biscuits and chili together. Chili isn't even a southern thing, I would consider that more western. A better more realistic southern meal would have probably been fried chicken {they atleast got the fried part right}, mashed potatoes and field peas.

I also love how they were like "I guess there are some Italians in the South." Ummm yeah, ya think? I'm Catholic and grew up going to Catholic school and with a LOT of Italians. Trust me, the "Southern Italians" are just as Italian as y'all are up there in Little Italy, I mean Jersey. I grew up with kids from very traditional Italian families... probably more Italian than the Manzo's ever dreamed of being. 

This was a kicker -- they obviously know nothing about geography or anything about the southeast in general...  Caroline referred to the South as Arkansas... "When people in Arkansas cook Italian food they probably open a jar of sauce" and Chris started talking in his "cajun" accent. WTF? People from Arkansas are NOT cajun. That's Louisiana, hun. I was just like does he really think Arkansas people are cajun.... cause... they aren't. The whole kitchen scene I was just like OMG please stop talking and just play the ham game. The Manzo's are my favorite family on the show though.

Let's see what else there is to say about last nights episode... Jacqueline looks great! Caroline does too. Teresa is the same as always and I am glad she addressed her and Juicy Joe's financial problems and was honest. Her daughters are precious as everrrr. Ashley is annoying, ungrateful and unrealistic. Sorry but you will never land a PR job without a college education and you should stop thinking your mom and stepdad owe you everything. Lauren looked like she had gained a few lbs from last season but I am not judging just stating. Chris looked like he had gained some weight too, again no judgement just an observation.

I don't have a lot to say about the new gals yet. I am just relieved that Danielle is gone, Whew! Since this is one of my top 5 shows I will start talking about it a lot on here.


Kori Donahue said...

I didn't watch it yet, but can't wait! I miss the Danielle drama though, I'm not gonna lie. Have a great day doll! Kori xoxo

Portuguese Prepster said...

The drama was so extreme last night! It's so painful watching the family members fight with one another and i'm not too fond of Teresa's sister in-law. The Manzo's are my favorite family as well!!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I ADORE the RHoNJ! They are definitely my faves!!

Jessica said...

I really liked last night's ep! I agree with you, Caroline and Jacqueline look great. I like Jacqueline because she is so nice. Caroline is the best! I have a crush on Albie! I don't think the show would eb the same without Teresa. I do not like her sister-in-law, Michelle, or Michelle's family. I'm not a fan of Teresa's brother either. I feel that starting that fight was such a trashy thing to do at that occasion. I think this will be a good season.

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