Friday, May 13, 2011


Before I get to the jist of this post, I am going to confess. I am so behind on blog reading. It is TRULY shameful. I use to go to blogger every hour, and today I get on and realized I have missed so much in my blog friends lives. I am going to make it up to you with bookoo's of comments when I have *time* oh and I started writing this post like 4 days ago and here I am finally finishing it. I was going to finish it last night but apparently blogger was having a meltdown. so here we go...

So where have I been besides MIA? Busy little bee. Work has been hectic since the storms, we do travel for FEMA and FEMA contractors. Plus, I just haven't been here in the head. My couponing takes up a large bit of time (my dad says I am now addicted) but I sweetly remind him, I don't believe in addiction and that I am just helping the helpless.

As much as I truly love couponing now -- and helping others... I have treated myself to two little goodies. This week at Rite-Aid EOS lip balms are on sale for $2.99 and there is a rebate for $2 which makes them only .99 cents. I have been wanting to try them but could only find the "summer fruit" flavor.  So whilst on sale I grabbed tangerine and honeysuckle honeydew. Lurveee them. 

I feel bad cause I haven't linked up with my weight loss gang in 2 weeks and was going to last night but as previously stated blogger was in manic mode. So, since I did NOT get to link up for the weight loss challenge yesterday I will do today... or I will participate... not link up since all of yesterday's posts are gone and there is no where to link up :[

Weight Loss Challenge

Very happy with some of the progress I have made on the challenge (remember, I am no longer doing #'s.. not til the end). Still eating healthy and losing weight, inches, noticing lots of changes!!! This past week had a few little ups and downs as far as appetite was concerned. I was not that hungry at all then all the sudden felt the urge to eat. I ate a couple of unhealthy things but still lost weight. It was nice but can't cheat all the time.

Clothes are getting bigger/not fitting. I have a weird body type (and realistic expectations) so I don't expect to drop a ton of sizes. I have wide hips and have a phobia of clothes being too tight. Also at my smallest, I was a size 8 so don't expect to go any lower than that... or even that low.

I am almost ready to run my 5k... I ran 3.8 on Wednesday night and felt awesome afterwards. For me, the hardest part is getting past that first 1.3-1.5 mile marker. Then I  hydrate with some water and it's easy breezy. I was going to run the Zoo 5k this weekend but decided I was just too tired and did not want to wake up at O' Dark Thirty on a Saturday am! I will be running tonight though. It's my short run night so I will just be running 2 miles.

There ya go... a little update. I can't wait til the end (how is it only 2 weeks away? geeez) and I can share with everyone the total number. I wish I had taken a before pic of my figure maybe in my swimsuit but of course did not want to do that.... or harm your eyes. I am in a wedding in a little less than a month... so from here to now of course it's crunch time. Just wanna look fly.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

girl I know how it is..I went on a blogging hiatus because I was sooo busy with school! Take all the time you need :) Have a great weekend! xoxo

Jessica said...

Yay, I had missed you but completely understand. It takes me so long to read all the blogs I follow and then comment on them. I looked throught the coupons last Sunday but there weren't that many maybe because it was Mother's Day, I'm not sure. I do have a couple I think you could use. Are there any type of products you need in particular? I haven't been running in a while and last night I finally got back on the treadmill and it felt good. I'm doing the Disneyland 5k the first weekend of September and I realize I am so not ready for it so I need to get serious about it. You a couple of the other blogger runners are going to keep me motivated. :) xoxo (Sorry this is like the longest comment ever!)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

It sounds like you're doing a great job!! If you've run 3.8, then you're DEFINITELY ready for the 5k! Good luck!

Jana said...

giiirl, you have been doing so many more important things than reading our blogs!! Do not fret!

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