Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I now pronounce the lockout lifted

This post is for those who felt like the draft was wayyyy more important than the Royal Wedding.

Yay the NFL lockout is over!!! 

No more worrying, my dear football fans. 

In this part of the country (the dirty dirty south) we MAINLY stick to College football (ahem, Roll Tide) buuut when it comes to NFL, there's only one team for me and that's WHO DAT! 

I found this little geographical map by NFL team and found it very true & uber appropriate for this post.

Accurate. Quite accurate. I love to see that most of Alabama is BLACK AND GOLD. There are a lot of Falcons fans here, too. The few Cowboys fans and random Titans fans but that's about it. The one thing I don't like to see is the large portion of the country that is considered Bronco's fans. Eeew. If there is one thing, I mean person, I can't stand in this world it's Timothy Tebow (vom... gag...). 

Did you also see the new NFL stuff for VS Pink? So cute... I saw it on someone else's blog and could not find it online but I am happy to see some Saints apparel. About dang time. Reigning Super Bowl champs did NOT have any apparel last year, what the junk was up with that. Now I can wear VS Pink Saints style and support Mark Ingram!

Who is your NFL team? ? 

I will leave you with a Geaux Saints and a Who Dat! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This Weeks Wear Abouts!

I love when I get on my little blog & see a few new followers -- welcome new followers :)

Sooo I decided on Monday to do a post I have never done -- what I wore every day this past week. Not going to happen every week, just every now & then for fun! 

I am fortunate to be able to dress pretty casual for work.


Top: Classic White V-Neck shirt (target or old navy, not sure)
Skirt: Lilly Pulitzer Cricket skirt in Hot To Trot
Shoes: Jack Rogers
Jewelry (can't be seen): 2 DY bracelets, one classic cable w/pearls


Shirt: Class white v-neck from Target or ON
Skirt: Merona, navy lace skirt
Shoes: Jack Rogers
Watch: Michael Kors Horn Watch


Dress: Rodarte for target
Braclets: I think those are my DY


Dress: Navy cotton not sure what brand or where from, it's my aunts
Scarf: Calypso St.barth for Target in Lime green (obsessed with this scarf!)
Shoes: one guess... my gold jacks

Casual Friday

Shirt: Cash Fri Work Shirt 
Jeans: Old Navy "Jeggings"
Shoes: No shoes :) yeeeet 

Lunch with Grandma & Aunt

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer Patterson in Multi Minnie Zinny
Shoes: Jack Rogers (I wear the hell out of these)
Jewelry: Issac Mizrahi

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pretty In Pink!

What girl doesn't love a good nail polish?

I can't think of one.

Me, I love 20 good nail polishes -- more on a good day! But I love the bright & vibrant colors of Essie Polish and the ever so clever names (yes, even cuter than OPI's names).

Meet my new favorite nail polish:

Lovie Dovie

It is the "perfect flamingo pink" or as I often like to call my favorite pinks, Barbie pink!

It's bright but not neon. It's pink & girly. I'm in lovie dovie with it.

Spill it: what's your favorite Essie polish?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jacks on Jacks on Jacks

How did I miss this?

Jack Rogers gone collegiate. 

My only dissapointment.... Why no Bama Jacks?? 

Not cool, Jack Rogers.... NOT COOL.

But I do suppose I can make the Red & black work with most of my gameday attire. Getting me a pair of these ASAP. Along with silver..... and platinum..... ugh, decisions! My trusty gold ones are just getting too much wear and I don't want them to be ruined by next summer & me have to buy a new pair of gold ones. I have also considered a white pair... not not too sure how much wear I will get out of them

I felt the need to share this with the rest of my football loving Jack Rogers fans and also felt the need to display my feelings of extreme unfairness. I think the perfect Bama Jack would be Red with SILVER. I think Red and White would be a little tickytacky looking... like a picnic table. 

Do you see your team color on here? :) 

* yes the title of this is in reference to the song, Racks

Saturday, July 16, 2011

done with the week from hell

Sooo I have been housesitting/dog sitting all week (sat-sat) for these people that have 3 dogs and 2 cats (one of which is on it's death bed... meds twice a day and iv bag twice a week). The dogs are VERY VERY needy and so are the cats (duh). Dogs bark, A LOT. Like all throughout the night and anytime they hear a noise or want something... bark and whine and whimper. SOOO annoying and soooo Exhausting. Plus being away from home always makes me feel alone and tired and just blah after a few days. 

Aside from that I also had my first big event today since I have been in the marketing department. I have been working on this event 1.5 months. It was our company's mid-year Recharge meeting. We have an Annual Meeting every January & Recharge in July!

Let's see what I had to do for the event: design logo, design and order t-shirts, decorations, supplies, games, agenda, sponsor signs as well as ANY printed material needed, stuff goody bags, set-up, take down ... plus much more. I am beyond tired! It was a lot of fun & great experience but I am happy to be done with it and moving onto to FULLY concentrating on my next corporate event which is sneaking up on me... less than a month and a half til the next one, which is in Denver & I won't have to attend buuuut lots of work to do before then!

So in case you were wondering our theme was "camp" so it was called Camp ADTRAV! No party or craft store has anything camp themed so I had to use some creative improv for my table decorations. 

The tables had mini camp-fires that I made with sticks and tissue paper :)

Last week I got my hair cut. I got her to stack it, I had been toying with the idea for awhile buuut wasn't too sure. I told her I did not was a big stack, just a small one.... so voila! as always she does exactly what I want... 

I am just now happy to be in my OWN home and OWN bed and will get a great nights rest tonight with my fur baby!!! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

70 Days!

I am 70 days away from being in the MOST Magical Place on EARTH!

I am so stinkin' excited :)

and stoked to get a sneak peek at the new Fantasy Land Expansion!

Some of my favorite things to do in Disney ...

1. Toy Story Mania
2. Eating (World Showcase = yum)
3. Wishes fireworks
4. Expedition Everest
5. Seeing Cinderella's Castle

What are your favorite things in Disney World or Disney Land?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bring your FRIENDS to work day

Yes, it is BRING YOUR FRIENDS TO WORK DAY (yes, friends with an S, plural... couldn't choose just one of y'all) here at my little cubie.

I sit here all day so I thought I should let my friends see where I sit and stare.

Here is what my little cubie looks like when you walk up on it.
Nothing too spesh but plenty of room. Lots of boxes under my desk... have to save these cause I never know when we will need to pack up some stuff to send off or store
and when I sit at my desk and look to the right, I see this! 
My friends and my fur baby :) oh and hand sanitizer. also, always have a cup of water there.

and when I look the the left I see my phone, motivational calendar, the little purple box has all my paper clips in it and the Hello Kitty box has my pens and highliters.

Desk is still a work in progress, I just moved here about a month and still have thingss I need to bring like my new Lilly memo board and my Lilly P mousepad.

I will update you when the decor is completed.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I dream of Lilly

With all the Via shops having their sales on the Spring stuff lately... I can't help but daydream of the day that all the summer stuff goes on sale. I am pining for some Lilly P summer line. Here is a glimpse of what I want... see if you can catch the theme :)

Daphne Dress in Classic White Fallin in Love (already gots the Avery skirt in this print)

Nettie dress in Worth Blue Docksider

Yesenia Dress in Multi Square One Patch

Lexie top in True Blue Stuffed Shells

See and Be Seen tote in Fallin In Love (must must must have!)

Worth Shift in Multi Summer Mix :) 

Janie Dress in Hotty pink Skinny dippin (so precious!)

Roslyn Skirt in Cherry Bomb (I decided I wanted this over the Franco)

Roslyn in Lilly's Pink Big Squeeze

I am obsessed with Lilly skirts but I need a few dresses and Yes, the theme is nautical. I am crazyyyy over the shells! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday 'Merica!

"Loving any day that requires dressing in a theme #TSM"
- That right there is why I love my trinkie (twinkie/triplet) Lacey

Happy 4th of July to all of you!!!

I had a pretty abnormal 4th of July but since I have to go back to work tomorrow, it was a-okay. Watched lots of tv, cooked, cleaned, went to the store, that's about it!

Just had a good day remembering the real reason behind this holiday; they don't call it the land of the free and the home of the brave for nothin'. God Bless America!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Credit Just Went Up

That right thur my friends, is my favorite line in my most favorite emails. Just got a friendly reminder that one of my friends invited to Rue La La made their first purchase and in return, I got a $10 credit. Oh Cha-Ching! Big baller right hurrrr.

Okay, so $10 is only going to pay my shipping buuuut still. It's my favorite email! Also, I love the email it sends when you're friends actually join -- ya know, the one that says "they're in!" or something like that.

God bless Rue La La and all the amazing time it has given me procrastinating from work and even sometimes from play. God bless the feeling that I get when I see a boutique I love opening soon. God please also bless when I get all upset cause I think I am not going to be online right at 10 am when a boutique that I have been waiting for and most likely will sell out in 10 mins opens. Bless it.

If you aren't a member of Rue La La then you are for seriously missing out. It's basically amaze-balls.

Here's the low down: invitation only website, offers to great sales on designers, new designers every day, every designer has their own boutique on there so they are easy to find, boutiques are only open for 2 days and they open at 11 am Eastern time on their opening day. You get daily emails about what boutiques are opening THAT day and you can also get reminders when a boutique you like is coming. My most favorite part is that if you have purchased from a specific boutique or sent yourself a reminder they send you an email saying "guess what is coming back" next time that particular brand or designer has a boutique.

Ready. Set. JOIN !!! Click HERE to accept your personal invite from yours truly. Serious - don't miss out!!

ps. all you Lilly Pulitzer lovers... Rue La La has a Lilly boutique about every 3 months!