Saturday, July 16, 2011

done with the week from hell

Sooo I have been housesitting/dog sitting all week (sat-sat) for these people that have 3 dogs and 2 cats (one of which is on it's death bed... meds twice a day and iv bag twice a week). The dogs are VERY VERY needy and so are the cats (duh). Dogs bark, A LOT. Like all throughout the night and anytime they hear a noise or want something... bark and whine and whimper. SOOO annoying and soooo Exhausting. Plus being away from home always makes me feel alone and tired and just blah after a few days. 

Aside from that I also had my first big event today since I have been in the marketing department. I have been working on this event 1.5 months. It was our company's mid-year Recharge meeting. We have an Annual Meeting every January & Recharge in July!

Let's see what I had to do for the event: design logo, design and order t-shirts, decorations, supplies, games, agenda, sponsor signs as well as ANY printed material needed, stuff goody bags, set-up, take down ... plus much more. I am beyond tired! It was a lot of fun & great experience but I am happy to be done with it and moving onto to FULLY concentrating on my next corporate event which is sneaking up on me... less than a month and a half til the next one, which is in Denver & I won't have to attend buuuut lots of work to do before then!

So in case you were wondering our theme was "camp" so it was called Camp ADTRAV! No party or craft store has anything camp themed so I had to use some creative improv for my table decorations. 

The tables had mini camp-fires that I made with sticks and tissue paper :)

Last week I got my hair cut. I got her to stack it, I had been toying with the idea for awhile buuut wasn't too sure. I told her I did not was a big stack, just a small one.... so voila! as always she does exactly what I want... 

I am just now happy to be in my OWN home and OWN bed and will get a great nights rest tonight with my fur baby!!! 


Leslie said...

What a week you've had!! At least you have a hot haircut now! :)

Jessica said...

I love the table decorations. So creative!

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