Friday, July 1, 2011

Credit Just Went Up

That right thur my friends, is my favorite line in my most favorite emails. Just got a friendly reminder that one of my friends invited to Rue La La made their first purchase and in return, I got a $10 credit. Oh Cha-Ching! Big baller right hurrrr.

Okay, so $10 is only going to pay my shipping buuuut still. It's my favorite email! Also, I love the email it sends when you're friends actually join -- ya know, the one that says "they're in!" or something like that.

God bless Rue La La and all the amazing time it has given me procrastinating from work and even sometimes from play. God bless the feeling that I get when I see a boutique I love opening soon. God please also bless when I get all upset cause I think I am not going to be online right at 10 am when a boutique that I have been waiting for and most likely will sell out in 10 mins opens. Bless it.

If you aren't a member of Rue La La then you are for seriously missing out. It's basically amaze-balls.

Here's the low down: invitation only website, offers to great sales on designers, new designers every day, every designer has their own boutique on there so they are easy to find, boutiques are only open for 2 days and they open at 11 am Eastern time on their opening day. You get daily emails about what boutiques are opening THAT day and you can also get reminders when a boutique you like is coming. My most favorite part is that if you have purchased from a specific boutique or sent yourself a reminder they send you an email saying "guess what is coming back" next time that particular brand or designer has a boutique.

Ready. Set. JOIN !!! Click HERE to accept your personal invite from yours truly. Serious - don't miss out!!

ps. all you Lilly Pulitzer lovers... Rue La La has a Lilly boutique about every 3 months!

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