Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bring your FRIENDS to work day

Yes, it is BRING YOUR FRIENDS TO WORK DAY (yes, friends with an S, plural... couldn't choose just one of y'all) here at my little cubie.

I sit here all day so I thought I should let my friends see where I sit and stare.

Here is what my little cubie looks like when you walk up on it.
Nothing too spesh but plenty of room. Lots of boxes under my desk... have to save these cause I never know when we will need to pack up some stuff to send off or store
and when I sit at my desk and look to the right, I see this! 
My friends and my fur baby :) oh and hand sanitizer. also, always have a cup of water there.

and when I look the the left I see my phone, motivational calendar, the little purple box has all my paper clips in it and the Hello Kitty box has my pens and highliters.

Desk is still a work in progress, I just moved here about a month and still have thingss I need to bring like my new Lilly memo board and my Lilly P mousepad.

I will update you when the decor is completed.


Portuguese Prepster said...

I love the frames!!

Leslie said...

I love your frames! Can't wait to see the rest of your decorations!

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