Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rudolf the Reindeer

So you  know that saying, "kids say the darndest things" ? Well, that totally applied to me as a kid. I literally said some of the most crazy, bizarre and sometimes hilarious things. Some of which got me written about in my pediatrician's book (more on that later...) (and more on why this is titled Rudolf the Reindeer)

For a brief second let me tell you about some of those DARN THINGS I said growing up.

I cussed. On stage. At a pageant. Yes, I was a pageant child.... I might have gone all toddlers and tiaras once. Like the time my mom was standing in front of the stage reminding me to smile at the judges and I kindly reminded her I did not want to smile at the d*mn judges. Out loud. Oh yeah, the judges heard me. That was the only pageant I did not win in my pageant career (I am being serious).

This wasn't the same pageant but this was one where I racked up.

Then there was the time when Barney came to visit my 4K Classroom. I told my classmates that Barney rode to school in my trunk. Then I saw my mom's shirt hanging out the top of the costume and screamed "THAT'S MY MOM!" Talk about crushing some kids dreams.  But I loved Barney and wanted everyone to know my mommy was Barney. Want to know something embarassing? I loved Barney til I was in like 3rd grade. Serious.

Here we are with Barney (Um... My mom). Can you find me? I am on the bottom row in the purple Kelly's Kids bubble suit. Haha Oh and the little girl next to me? I might have talked about her here. Oh and yes, that is Jesus on the chalkboard.

Then once in 4k I came home from school and told my mom we had some visitors at school that day (remember, I went to Catholic school). My mom was worried if I was dressed appropriately for that day and the visitors. I simply told her "Yes, it was just God's wife and a bunch of other Jesus women". Come to find out, those women were what they call "Nuns".

Oh and last but not least and the point of my story...

When I was in 4K we made these reindeer sheets at school (see below). You know, the ones where you use your feet in paint for the Rudolph face and your hands for the antlers? Anyone else make one of these?

We wore them the day of our class Christmas party. Apparently I had a doctor appointment that afternoon. So we get to the Dr. and my pediatrician starts asking me about my shirt. Who is that? Rudolph. What are those? (points to the antlers)... "Egglers" I proudly responded. He found that to be so hilarious, he wrote about me in his book.

That's my claim to fame and I'm sticking to it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kardashian KRISmas

Yes, I put an emphasis on the KRIS in Krismas. Afterall isn't it the Kris Kardashashian Jenner Show? I mean....Have you seen the Kardashian's Christmas card? Well, I am going to show you.

It's creepy. Sorry, I'm not sorry. It honestly reminds me of a modern day Adams family.

I would like to point out a few things....

Why everyone else is wearing black and Kris Jenner is wearing blue? Duh, cause she had to be the star and center of attention. I don't care if she is the matriach of the family. She is obnoxious beyond all measures. I love the Kardashians but I can't stand Kris Jenner.

Kourtneys butt? Looks huge. Khloe looks obscenely skinny (not that I think she is fat but that she is a big boned girl). Oh hello the joys of photo editing.

Where are Bruce Jenner's kids? If I were them I would feel left out and like I got the shaft. But then again, they are probably use to it and don't really care anymore.

Little Mason is by far the cutest one in this picture... BY FAR.

That is my comment on these truly unruly and weird Christmas card picture.

But it's the Kardashian's... did we really expect anything less?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good bye hair creases!

I have always HATED wearing my hair back. I don't even know why. I just hate wearing it in ponytails unless it's dirty or I am hungover or something (KIDDING... sorta).

When I had long hair I always thought it made my face look more round. I was wrong.... it wasn't the hair-do making my face round it was fat face making my face round. Anywho... I lost about 30lbs and  lately I have worn my hair back a few times and gotten MAJOR compliments on it. Cue flattery and confusion.

So I have been wanting to wear my hair back more... duh. But I hate the creases ponytails leave in my hair and since I have uber thin hair it leaves a crease after 5 minutes. I also hate that I have to tie them really tight which gives me an insta-headache. Sometimes I even just want to throw my hair back for a few while I am working because it's short and often really gets in the way. Nope, not if I don't want a killer headache and to actually take the ponytail out during the day without having as many creases as a crumbled up piece of paper.

One day a miracle fell from the sky and it was called Emi-Jay.

Emi-Jays sells fabulous hair ties that are soft, easy on your hair, do not leave creases and most importantly are WAY. MORE. GLAMOROUS. than the rubberbands scunci has made millions off of.

Jill at Emi-Jay generously offered to send me some to test out and review. Let's take a peek!

Here you see: Gold glitter collection headbands, Crystal bead hair ties in black and crimson, jaguar collection and pearl collection hair ties.  I kid y'all not. I already thought I was in love cause they are all SO pretty but seriously let's test em' out now...

Crystal Bead hair tie -- LOVING THIS. Can be casual or more dressy.

Ke$ha would approve. Love these gold glittery headbands.
I could wear them at work, to the mall or up in da gym just working on my my fitness!

I loved the hair ties from the pearl collection because they look great with my blonde. Oh pardon my crazy ponytail. I have lots of layers so it's all crazy uneven and also I don't dye my hair underneath so that dark stuff is my real color!! (SCARY!)

I would totally wear these as bracelets and stack them all up.

I also wore my hair back and a head band in and love it. So cute. Oh but pardon those roots.... I'm exactly a week out from my hair appointment so they are looking rough, rough.

Emi-Jay also donate portions of proceeds to several non-profits including; Operation Smile, Susan G. Komen, Project Knapsack, Locks of Love, Toys for Tots and Partners in Health. I love companies that donate to non-profits... two thumbs up for being humanitarians.

Let's break it down for a re-cap on why these are so amaze:
1. No hair crease
2. Doesn't pull your hair too tight and hurt you
3. Looks really cute on your wrist
4. All kinds of cool patterns and colors!
5. They donate to charity

Sounds like a winner in my book!

Again, Thanks to Jill at Emi-Jay!

*This was a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine. I did not receive monetary compensation but was allowed to keep the products I tested.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Guest Post: DIY Christmas

Hey Keep It Classy, Alabama readers!  I'm Chelsea from two twenty one, where I blog about my home DIY projects, recipes, and newly-wedded life.

Lindsey asked me to stop by and share some DIY projects and recipes that you can turn into your own handmade Christmas gifts.  All of these projects and recipes are pretty simple and inexpensive.

Make your Aunt Lucy a lovely jute wrapped monogram wreath for her front door.

Got a wino in your family?  Wine cork candle holder.  Bam.

Tired of your in-law's ugly centerpiece?  Give them some thrifty hurricanes.

These moss covered monograms make beautiful wreaths.They're also perfect for weddings.
Make them for a soon-to-be-married friend or family member.

Give your best friend a pretty topiary to decorate her new home office.

Want to gain some brownie points with your boss? Take some cake batter blondies into work. You'll get a raise. Trust me.

Take some buttery cream cheese bars to your annual Christmas party.

Feeling stressed from all the holiday hoopla and need to eat your feelings?  Two words: Oreo truffles.

There you have it!  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!
Thank you so much, Lindsey, for allowing me to stop by your amazing blog!

Lindsey here, I want to take a minute to stop and say Thank You SO MUCH to Chelsea for blogging while I am gone. I can't wait to try some of these ideas they are great!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Do's and Dont's of The Big Easy

Hello friends!  While your beloved Lindsey Leigh is on vacation in NOLA, this Lindsey Lee is here to give you my tips for a trip to The Big Easy.  If you read my blog, The Bargain Blonde, you know I've been to Nawlins twice recently and both times I may or may not have left injured. Read here and here to for the full story. Here are my do's and don'ts

Warning: heavy consumption of alcohol is ahead

Do take to Bourbon Street immediately after you touch down.  While on Bourbon, you'll want to stop in for drinks at as many places as possible.  So many drink specials, so little time. 

Dance with a tuba player if that wind blows you that way:

And buy a Chuggler at the bar Beer Fest. Ask for Rusty, she (yes, she) will hook you up ...

But whatEVER you do, do NOT wear 4+ inch wedges on Bourbon Street or you will most likely end up being wheeled home through the airport. 

Because thanks to your dumb ass wearing 4 inch wedges, you snapped your ankle.   

Unless you want to make a detour to the New Orleans Urgent care, stay away from anything but flat footwear.

Now that we have your shoe situation squared away, let's move onto munchies.  Do, do, do make the trip to the original Cafe du Monde for beignets one morning.  If the line looks ridiculously long and I'm sure it will, just get in it because it moves very fast and I swear these warm powdered sugar treats are worth the wait. 

Do eat at Acme Oyster House, but go for a late lunch around 3 p.m. before the dinner crowd hits or an early dinner at 4 p.m.  Otherwise, you'll be waiting in a super long line here too.  Food is totally worth it.  I had the white fish po boy (yummo) with a cup of crab chowder.  

Don't let the test tube shot girls that you will see at EVERY bar con you into buying a short or else you could end up in this compromising position like our Bachelorette did:

Not to mention the shots SUCK.  
But you do want to go to the gay bars with a blow-up doll if you're in the mood for a little spanking. Or don't if that's not your thing. 

Of course you should go to the French Quarter to sight see at some point.  

From there, I suggest walking to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, which was built between 1722 and 1732, and is reputed to be the oldest structure used as a bar in the United States. 

And by now, if you're still standing, do let me know so I can congratulate you.  Best of luck to anyone who travels to the Big Easy. It is one of my favorite cities and I can't wait until I make it back. Except this time I don't want to leave in a wheelchair (a girl can dream).  
Thanks again for having me Lindsey! Have a blast in The Big Easy and I can't wait to hear your stories when you get back!

From the other Lindsey: Thanks so much to one of my fave bloggers, The Bargain Blonde aka Lindsey for filling in for me. I am on my way to NOLA by the time you read this. I will be on a work related trip so hopefully no shenans will go down but I will be back in The Crescent City come January 9th to see my Crimson Tide play LSU in the BCSNCG. There will be a plentiful stories from that trip, rest assured. Take it easy this weekend and
Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Have yourself a Pinteresting little Christmas

Pinteresting Wednesday with the Vintage Apple

Yup, back and at it.... and obsessing over the christmas decor I have found on Pinterest.

I want to do all of the above! From all the people I follow on Pinterest, I know I am not the only one who has gone cuckoo with all the Christmas pinning.

 Follow me on Pinterest if you would like!

Happy Pinning!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Problems with blogger

I have been having quite a few problems with blogger lately. I follow blogs and then they do not come up in my dashboard. So I go back and follow via GFC and the regular follow button at the top. No change. Grrrr, this is making me mad! There are so many great, new blogs I have found over the last I would say MONTH that I am eager to read. But I am not following.

I notice I can rarely see WHO my followers are, only how many. This is causing me to not follow a lot of my new followers back. I want to follow y'all. If you are a newer follower and do not think that your being followed by me already PLEASE leave your blog address in a comment!

I am also looking for other new blogs to read, if you could leave me the blog address of one of your favorite blogs. I would love to check them out.

That is all! Thanks!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Insert foot in mouth

Have you ever said something that made you die of embarassment and want to crawl in a hole? I know you have... don't lieeeee

Persay, like ask a not pregnant woman when she was due?

She ma'am to a sir (or vice versa?)

Well let's rewind. To the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.... Here I am in my lovely little world walking around downstairs at work. Delivering things to people and saying Hello. I notice a lady has her child at her desk. Bear with me now, ok?

I did not even know she had a child. Her child had LONG hair and a smooth, pretty face. Duh, that's her daughter. I ask... "Oh, is this your little girl?" Her response? "No, that's my son...."

*INSERT FOOT IN MOUTH* .... My reaction? "Oh, Um... Sorry.... Long hair got me.... Bye" and walks away shamefully. Avoided the person ever since.

Long hair... He don't care. Maybe this mom will re-evaluate her son's hair choice now.

I'd rather have my son called a girl than my daughter called a boy, but still.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Look for less: nail polish part deaux

Do you remember when I found the look for less on the Deborah Lippman Happy Birthday nail polish? No? Refresh here.

I have found not 1 but 4 more fantastic looks for less on this polish. Let's round em' up.

This first one is the biggest deal. Milani Gem can be purchased online for $4.
That's a $14 savings, cha-ching.

OPI Muppets Collection has this "Rainbow Connection" which is spot on and far more affordable too!

Oh, and let's not forget about the Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kollection "Rainbow in the S-Kylie" available Holiday 2011 and I can't wait to get my hands on some of the Kardashian Kollection. Has anyone seen them in stores yet? Where? Spill!

Also, ULTA's Pinata Yada Yada (which I could not find stock photo of) is a great match.

Clearly I am not the only one who l-o-v-e-d DL's Happy Birthday but just couldn't fork up $18 for nail polish. All of these are perfect dupes to get the "look" and are much easier on the wallet.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's the Holiday season!

My favorite things about the month of December...

1. Christmas Lights

Yes, I love to drive around and look at all the lights. I also love to see all the cooky, crazy, tacky things that people ornately place all over their lawn. You name it, I have seen it.
My front yard.... pssht. Kidding. But in all seriousness this is the Osborn Family spectacle of dancing lights in Disney World and it is based on a real family's over the top Christmas decor.

2. Hot Cocoa/Apple Cider

Hot cocoa just makes me think of cold weather, which I adore. Apple cider just makes me think of Christmas. I am not sure why! I am actually enjoying a cup right now.

3. Giving Gifts

I am a giver. But I also like to be on the receiving end, too.

4. Decorating
I love to see decorations all over the house therefore I like decorating. I just don't like taking it down. Booooo, no fun!

Yes, me in my Victorian outfit decorating a tree {KIDDING}

5. Wrapping gifts.

Yes, I am a crazy. I love to wrap gifts.

6. Disney World at Christmas time

If you have never done this, please let it be on your bucket list. If you think Disney World is magical in general then you are in for a large dose of Christmas Merry Magicalness when you visit DW during the holidays. I went last year during NYE and New Years Day. Amaze!

So tell me, what puts your in the spirit for the Holiday season?!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Gift Guide: For the person who has everything!

Do you have someone in  your life who means a lot to you but you just can't seem to figure out what to give them for Christmas? You know, the friend or family member who has it all!

Why not give them the gift of helping others? You know I have a soft spot for Non-Profit Organizations. Why not make a donation in their name to an an organization close to their heart. Or adopt a child off the Angel Tree in their name. Or sponsor a child, family, young woman through
World Vision.

"World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities world wide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice"

The concept of World Vision is REALLY COOL. I think I might have found another to add to my already long list of non-profits that I support.

Not only can you
sponsor a child for $35 a month. You can give to so many different causes, for example: send clothing to freezing children in Armenia, the Horn of Africa food crisis, give hope to sexually exploited young girls.... The. List. Goes. On.

You can help SO MANY different categories of people - Girls and Women, Kids in the USA, Orphans and Widows and donate to so many causes. It's all up to you where your money goes. Not someone taking a donation over a phone and putting it into one massive pool. You can decide on your own whose life you want to change.

By giving them the resources they need you can change their lives forever! Not only material things but job and skill training. These are simple things we take for granted.

You can give a family the gift of animals. These animals can provide them with almost endless amounts of food and nutrients.

For $100 you can provide a family with
a goat and 2 chickens.
For $18 you can provide a family with 3 ducks...
Newsflash that is about the cost of 4 Starbucks coffees. By sacrificing just a few pleasures you can provide a family with 100's of protein rich eggs every year.  That is just a few of the animals you can give, check out the Animal Gift Catalog.

I have not even scraped the surface of how you can give this Holiday season (and every other day of the year). If you are looking to feel truly warm and fuzzy this Holiday season and make a difference I highly suggest you check out World Vision. I know I will definitely be donating in my family's name.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Traditions

I think every family has a few Christmas traditions. I thought I would share a couple of my own.

Christmas Biscuits
Every Christmas morning my mom makes what I always call "Christmas biscuits". These are really special because they are so good and only  made 1 day a year. I guess we could make them more but that takes the fun away. We eat them basically all morning with our mimosas and always make extra to nom on later. I asked my mom to share her recipe...

These are not ours but look similar!

Christmas Biscuit Recipe

Yields about 20-30 biscuits. This recipe can be half but leftovers are great for snacks! They are great for days, just refridgerate leftovers.

Ingredients needed:
3 Cups of Bisquick Mix
1 Pack of Jimmy Dean Sausage (any flavor is great)
Shredded Chedder Cheese (how ever much you like)
1 cup Milk
1. Heat oven to 450
2. Mix bisquick and milk
3. Roll out half of dough flat (thin or thick as you want) on wax paper
4. Sprinkle uncooked sausage bits and chedder cheese over entire flattened dough

5. Roll the dough up with sausage and cheese in the middle and cut into slices
6. Place slices on cooking pan sprayed lightly with Pam.
7. cook 7 -10 minutes or until tops are golden.
8. For the rest of the dough, repeat steps 3-7 for the second batch!

Opening a gift on Christmas eve

This started because when I was younger we use to always open our gifts from our grandparents Fran and Poppa on Christmas Eve. Well now we spend all day with my Fran so we just wait til Christmas morning to open gifts. So on Christmas Eve we always open a gift because .... well, just because we want a gift early! :)

What kind of traditions do you have? 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

Wishin' and Hopin' over here... for these pretty little things.

Just a few fabulous little things on my wish list. 

I know you all have one, too! :)