Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Problems with blogger

I have been having quite a few problems with blogger lately. I follow blogs and then they do not come up in my dashboard. So I go back and follow via GFC and the regular follow button at the top. No change. Grrrr, this is making me mad! There are so many great, new blogs I have found over the last I would say MONTH that I am eager to read. But I am not following.

I notice I can rarely see WHO my followers are, only how many. This is causing me to not follow a lot of my new followers back. I want to follow y'all. If you are a newer follower and do not think that your being followed by me already PLEASE leave your blog address in a comment!

I am also looking for other new blogs to read, if you could leave me the blog address of one of your favorite blogs. I would love to check them out.

That is all! Thanks!


Michelle P said...

This has been happening to me also!

Caiti said...

I have been having all of the same problems too! What's up with that?!?

Brianna Tucker said...

This is happening to me to. It says at time I have only 10/15 followers when it says I have 30+ so I can't follow back

Follow me at

miss andrea lee said...

I've been having the same problem too!!

Allison said...
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Sarah said...

It's doing the exact same thing to me too. It's so frustrating!!

Tamara said...

I've had the exact same problem! I started reading my blogs in Google Reader and that has solved the problem with following blogs and them not showing up... but I'm still having the followers issue! Ugh!

LC said...

Same problem here! I'm a semi-new follower of yours! Here are some blogs that I heart:

http://www.flourishinprogress.com/ (super funny)

Shannon Marie said...

I was having problems too so I switched from using Google Chrome to Safari when blogging and now I can see all the blogs I follow on my dashboard :) Maybe this will help you too?

Here's the link to my blog:


Victoria said...

cute blog you have!!

i have noticed over the last couple of weeks that some blogs that I have stopped following popped back up on my list....i don't know why but then i unfollow them and it happens again. something must be up with blogger....it annoys/frustrates me too!

Mallory said...

This has definitely been happening to me too! it's starting to get a little frustrating because I can't rememeber everyone! But you can find me at pinkkissesandwishes.blogspot.com if you're looking for something new:)

Anonymous said...

I can't see my new followers either!

Hines-Sight said...

This happened to me as well, and I was able to fix it to get you in my dashboard. I had to manually go in, and add your URL, and then you started showing up.

I had to do that with two blogs lately.

Rachel from Love a la Mode said...

I'm a recent new follower of yours if you'd like to stop by :) And I love your twitter rants lol! (creepy much? haha.) ummm but seriously switch your blog to Wordpress. It's the best decision you'll ever make! And super easy, you won't lose anything at all!

Faison said...

This has been happening to me too! Blogger has completely dropped the ball. I'm a recent follower, and I'd love for you to stop by my blog!


Sarah @ Simply Sarah said...

I'm a newish follower! My blog is thesimplysarahblog.blogspot.com

I have been having problems with blogger too!

Alana Christine said...

I've been having the EXACT same problem! It drives me crazy! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

If you have time, check out my blog: http://lanachristine.blogspot.com

Love and Lilly said...

I HATE what that happens!!! And they dont pop up in my Google Reader except it says that I have "x" many unread posts but then they don't show up. SO ANNOYING!!! I thought I was the only one! Glad to know that I am not!!!

Katie said...

Seems like we are all having the same problem. I was about to do a post out of desperation as well! The new blogs I follow will show up every couple of days and my followers is a number from a few months ago. So frustrating. I'm a new follower here! xo

Cori H. said...

It's happening to me too and driving me insane! I've started to subscribe to people through Google Reader, so I can keep up with everyone's posts.

Here are a couple of my favorite blogs also adding my blog in the mix too... :)


Belle Vierge said...

I'm a new-ish follower. I love your blog!

Mine is http://virginconfessions20s.blogspot.com.

A favorite of mine is http://thelacqueredlady.blogspot.com/.

I also enjoy http://staybeautifulkristine.blogspot.com/.

I don't wear much make-up, but they're still fun to follow!

Kate said...

I just wrote a post about this the other day! It makes me so mad! I also have a Reading List page on my blog that lists all the blogs I follow (well, as of like a month ago, I've been have trouble adding new blogs because of this issue!) You should check it out if you're looking for new blogs to read!

The Blonde @ Stylish3 said...

Have you tried Bloglovin'? I think it's the best way to keep up with blogs.

Hines-Sight said...

Guess what? This is happening to me, too. I thought I fixed, but lost you again. Did your package arrive?

I'm going to bookmark your site. Leigh

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