Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good bye hair creases!

I have always HATED wearing my hair back. I don't even know why. I just hate wearing it in ponytails unless it's dirty or I am hungover or something (KIDDING... sorta).

When I had long hair I always thought it made my face look more round. I was wrong.... it wasn't the hair-do making my face round it was fat face making my face round. Anywho... I lost about 30lbs and  lately I have worn my hair back a few times and gotten MAJOR compliments on it. Cue flattery and confusion.

So I have been wanting to wear my hair back more... duh. But I hate the creases ponytails leave in my hair and since I have uber thin hair it leaves a crease after 5 minutes. I also hate that I have to tie them really tight which gives me an insta-headache. Sometimes I even just want to throw my hair back for a few while I am working because it's short and often really gets in the way. Nope, not if I don't want a killer headache and to actually take the ponytail out during the day without having as many creases as a crumbled up piece of paper.

One day a miracle fell from the sky and it was called Emi-Jay.

Emi-Jays sells fabulous hair ties that are soft, easy on your hair, do not leave creases and most importantly are WAY. MORE. GLAMOROUS. than the rubberbands scunci has made millions off of.

Jill at Emi-Jay generously offered to send me some to test out and review. Let's take a peek!

Here you see: Gold glitter collection headbands, Crystal bead hair ties in black and crimson, jaguar collection and pearl collection hair ties.  I kid y'all not. I already thought I was in love cause they are all SO pretty but seriously let's test em' out now...

Crystal Bead hair tie -- LOVING THIS. Can be casual or more dressy.

Ke$ha would approve. Love these gold glittery headbands.
I could wear them at work, to the mall or up in da gym just working on my my fitness!

I loved the hair ties from the pearl collection because they look great with my blonde. Oh pardon my crazy ponytail. I have lots of layers so it's all crazy uneven and also I don't dye my hair underneath so that dark stuff is my real color!! (SCARY!)

I would totally wear these as bracelets and stack them all up.

I also wore my hair back and a head band in and love it. So cute. Oh but pardon those roots.... I'm exactly a week out from my hair appointment so they are looking rough, rough.

Emi-Jay also donate portions of proceeds to several non-profits including; Operation Smile, Susan G. Komen, Project Knapsack, Locks of Love, Toys for Tots and Partners in Health. I love companies that donate to non-profits... two thumbs up for being humanitarians.

Let's break it down for a re-cap on why these are so amaze:
1. No hair crease
2. Doesn't pull your hair too tight and hurt you
3. Looks really cute on your wrist
4. All kinds of cool patterns and colors!
5. They donate to charity

Sounds like a winner in my book!

Again, Thanks to Jill at Emi-Jay!

*This was a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine. I did not receive monetary compensation but was allowed to keep the products I tested.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

love these!! I got a couple in one of my birchboxes and love it!! I might have to buy some more after seeing these cute glitter ones!

Michelle P said...

Wow I need these!

A Simple Southern Life said...

I might have to try these out. Putting my hair in a ponytail also causes headaches and a crease for me too!

Sarah said...

I've heard all about these!! I'm dying to try them out and think I'll order some after seeing yours! The glitter ones are so cute.

Cori H. said...

I need to check those out ASAP! I'm always getting headaches and those stupid creases. They are so cute too!

Sarah said...

I asked for some of these for Christmas! I hope Santa comes through :)

Jeannie said...

I want to try those!!! Going on their website right now...I hate creases and I love glitter!

emily rose said...

they sell these at my yoga studio and they are seriously amazing! totally worth the price once you try one out!

Sarah said...

I've been wanting to try Emi-Jay for a while. i have really thin hair and similar problems. Good to know they work!

Cindy Lou said...

I want some for my hair. I hate "Bumps & Lumps" in my hair too... Those are really cute.

sSe said...

Hm, I've heard about these bad boys all over Blogger, and now I definately need them. I almost always wear my hair pulled back, but in the unlikely event I ever wear it down it's creased to the max. So it seems like Emi-Jay is on my new to-buy list.

Rachel R said...

I want to try these so bad!! I love this post on them. It's very informative and I love the pictures. Thanks!

Kate said...

Cute! I'm in the middle of what I've been calling a hair identity crisis, and whether I cut it or not these look really fun!

Laura said...

Totally love these! I got one in my Birch Box once and have been a huge fan since!

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