Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I dream of Lilly

With all the Via shops having their sales on the Spring stuff lately... I can't help but daydream of the day that all the summer stuff goes on sale. I am pining for some Lilly P summer line. Here is a glimpse of what I want... see if you can catch the theme :)

Daphne Dress in Classic White Fallin in Love (already gots the Avery skirt in this print)

Nettie dress in Worth Blue Docksider

Yesenia Dress in Multi Square One Patch

Lexie top in True Blue Stuffed Shells

See and Be Seen tote in Fallin In Love (must must must have!)

Worth Shift in Multi Summer Mix :) 

Janie Dress in Hotty pink Skinny dippin (so precious!)

Roslyn Skirt in Cherry Bomb (I decided I wanted this over the Franco)

Roslyn in Lilly's Pink Big Squeeze

I am obsessed with Lilly skirts but I need a few dresses and Yes, the theme is nautical. I am crazyyyy over the shells! :)


Turtles and Pearls said...
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Portuguese Prepster said...

Lilly has had soooo much lately!

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