Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's the bomb like tick, tick.

So I was going to the Lilly blog to try and find a good picture to use for this post that I was already going to theme around their fabulous "Cherry Bomb" print, low & behold they had just done a post about it which you can read here !

So onward with my post....

The second I saw this print was coming out for the summer I was a bit obsessed! I really love the 4th of July and found this print to be adorable, unique and quite fitting.

The colors are awesome; especially the red! I like the red so much beause it is kind of muted. Maybe muted is not the word... it's just not bright, I guess. It's patriotic, duh... but it doesn't scream "AMERICAN FLAG" or "YOU CAN ONLY WEAR ME 1 DAY A YEAR." I find the print could easily be worn throughout the summer.

Of course I want to snag up a few piece of this when the Lilly Summer goes on sale. I am thinking a Franco dress or a Tate skirt. Or both.

I love the 4th because it makes me think of the lake where I have spent all but about 3 4th of July's in my entire life. It makes me think of my crazy family (cause we use to have our Family Reunion every 4th) getting drunk, skinny dipping, painting faces and having water balloon fights. I was never old enough to participate in the skinny dipping or drinking when all this was going down but I did throw a few water balloons and my artist cousin Barbara always did some fine face painting. Face painting normally turned into "Body painting." All the kids would be getting flowers and butterflies and the next thing you know my cousin Georgia had a smiley face that covered her entire belly or my mom had a vine of exotic flowers growing down her leg, it happened.... NBD! I never really ever even knew the Skinny Dipping was going on til I was about 10. I always just thought it was a family joke. Like how the flamingo was on our family crest (which was a joke because my great-grandmother had plastic flamingoes in her front yard). We always watched the fireworks on the lake and did a few of our own. However, I was never allowed near a firework. My mom said "such and such percentage of children go to the emergency room from firework related injuries every year". In fact, my mom was so paranoid I wasn't allowed to play with a sparkler until I was about 8 years old because some dumb kid stabbed their eye out with one -- or something along those lines. I digress.

In case I don't blog between now and Monday, I bid you all a VERY Happy 4th of July! Have fun and be safe!!!

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

I hadn't seen this print yet? love it!! I agree that the red is not like boom in your face red..its "classy" ;)

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