Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Hair Miracle

After a blogging hiatus. I am back y'all. Serious. Make me come back?

A lot has happened ... well just Las Vegas and my Birthday and I promise to do  a Vegas post soon! But first... today's post!

So just when I am giving up all faith in humanity and hair care I find what I like to call my hair miracle. I found that new Organix shampoo a month or so ago and it was alright for the first week or two. My hair just gets too accustomed to shampoos too quickly and then goes right back to it's old nasty ways.

So some people advocate things. I am one of them. Meet one of the newest things I am IN LOVE (and I mean head over heels...) with:

Wen by Chaz Dean. Some of you have probably seen the late night infomercials or if you watch QVC you've seen Mr.Dean on there washing all those models gorgeous hair. Yes, you too can have hair like theirs.

Pssht. Did not believe that for one second.

I never thought I would like this shampoo/conditioner. I mean, cleansing conditioner. I have never been fond of the 2 in 1's cause my hair is always tangly and dry. It's a no lather shampoo so I also thought I wouldn't like it because I have this obsession that if it isn't lathering then it's not getting clean. Weird. I know. My aunt talked me into trying it.... like just about everything else I use and love.

Obsession since day 1. It works wonders for dry, damaged, colored hair. I will never go back. Ever. I have tried tea-tree and pomegranate. I am getting the gallon size this week... I'm thinking in Fig.

Thanks, Chaz Dean.

Your once most suspicious but now most devoted fan.


Rachel McPhillips said...

Did my last comment publish? If so, sorry for the repeat! My internet went out. Anyway.. we just got back from Vegas so we need a Vegas pow-wow and I am now suspicious of your OVC find. Must google...

The Sweet Life said...

My mom swears by that stuff.

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