Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Lock Them Doors

and turn the lights down looooooooow . Yeah, I will be getting to Scotty boy later.

Many exciting things to blog about this week. I promise I am going to get back to regular blogging stat. I miss it.

First off, I will have a Vegas blog up no later than Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Vegas was fabulous! I had so much fun, ate great food, did a lot of sight seeing (and therefore walking) and shopping (and therefore MORE walking). I saw the Glee live tour on Saturday night and it was Ahh-Mazing. I was less than 2 feet from Sam, Puck and Mike at one point (pictures to come and the story with that later).

Secondly, I am so bummed that Chelsea Kane did NOT win DWTS. I was even more dissapointed that she placed 3rd when 2nd was rightfully hers (sorry Kirstie). I figured Hines would win and he was great, he deserved it. 

Third, how bout that AI? I have never been an Idol fan until this season. The entire top 13 were just soooo talented. Alabama got a rep in there with homeboy Paul McDonald and then little Lauren Alaina herself was a Crimson Tide fan. Lauren was talented and good but I did not think she was mature enough to win, plus little young blonde country girls are a dime a dozen. That being said I am glad Scotty won (even though Haley was my favorite the entire time and I was devastated as she was when she was eliminated). Country needs a young, fresh male!

Fourth, SYTYCD starts tonight! Speaking of, did you know that Glee's Heather Morris {Brittany}  was a SYTYCD contestant? Points away from the top 20. I read about that in the latest issue of Women's Health magazine whilst in an airport. Post SYTYCD Morris was a back up dancer for Beyonce and originally brought in to teach the Glee cast the "Single Ladies" dance (which Kurt did and sang during the Glee tour). They liked her so they made the minor role of cheerio Brittany for her which turned into a MAJOR role in the 2nd season giving her some of the show's best one liners.

Fifth, I am dead tired. My brain is still living in Pacific time zone. Not to mention that my days  (and nights) are now consumed with genealogy research and digging skeletons out of my dead great-grandfather's closet. I love the research though! I have been able to connect with other researchers of my family's lineage (very distant cousins) and speak with them and share information. Most of them are very seasoned researchers who have nearly 30 years of time invested in my paternal grandmothers side of the family, the Eaves family.

I am not sure if I have briefed my blogosphere on why I started this project. My grandmother Helen, my dad's mom -- bless her. She has always wondered about her Eaves family. Her father was 54 when she was born (holy old, I know). He died when she was 19 and she never knew much about him. Growing up she always thought he was "the oldest man in the world." Since he was older she definitely never knew her Eaves grandparents, knew few of her fathers brothers (and not very well) and has always felt generally disconnected. The thing is, my great-grandfather Eaves had a family before he married my great-grandmother, Momma Dear. My grandmother knew this but she only thought she had 2 half brothers -- turns out she had 2 half sisters too. I have been able to talk with the granddaughter of one of the half sisters. 

It's all very confusing and genealogy is quite intricate. Don't even get me started on how these researchers do the yDNA testing on males from a specific surname to see if they are actually related to far back relatives they think they are related to. It's a bit much at first. Like every family, ours has a brick wall... or an ancestor that we can't get past or find anything much on him. His name is Rhody Eaves and he has become the eternal headache of the researchers I have spoke with thus far. 

I have found out I am related to the famous Reverend Thomas Maxwell (he's my 5th great grandfather). An early American jailed multiple times for spreading the gospel of the baptist faith {remember, this WAS the 1700's}. He was defended by good friend,Patrick Henry {yes, THE PATRICK HENRY}. It has been said that my 5th great-grandfather's faith inspired Patrick Henry to write the First Amendment to Our Constitution. I feel so patriotic and proud to say that!!!! Anywho, aside from finding cool things I have also found things I never thought I would... as my dear cousin/fellow researcher Martin has told me "blessed are those who seek the truth and cursed are those who find it."

This summer my family and I are taking my grandmother to Elbert County, Georgia which is where her family descend from for many many years to visit some historic family monuments, grave sites, etc. After that I plan on making my grandmother a book of her heritage {well, with as much information I can find}. I will keep you all up to date on the stuff I find out. I have mainly been researching my paternal grandmothers paternal side but also her maternal, my paternal grandfathers side and my moms side. Whew. Information over load!

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