Monday, May 2, 2011

We Are Alabama

Before I go into this, I just want to say... God Bless America! I have cried a lot in the past week and last night was a first; happy tears. Chills ran up my spine as President Obama addressed the nation on the death of Osama Bin Laden. I am not a fan of Mr.Obama but all political differences aside, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride when HE stated that we are "one nation, under God..."

For now, I am going to be on a bit of  a "blogging" hiatus. Don't worry, I will be back in full force. I don't know how long this will last -- I just know I don't have the time right now with everything going on here in Sweet Home Alabama. I also don't have the heart . I can't think of things that I find meaningful enough to write about. I am also pretty busy with some stuff at work and just life in general.

Disclaimer: I still want to gab about the Royal Wedding and have a post half-way finished {started it on Friday night but could not finish}. I have avoided reading every Royal Wedding post because of this. 

I should be able to resume to some normalcy of emotions and feelings within the next week. So this is my last post for awhile and has a few final updates. 

Guess who is in Tuscaloosa today to check out the damage and hopefully HELP? Charlie Sheen!!!!! he tweeted last night: "Alabama; Heading your way. On a recon mission. My Cadre right behind me. You need help. I'm bringing it. DogSpeed. c."

 Yes, he is in Tuscaloosa and has been seen with Mayor Walt Maddox and wearing a U of A cap. Now that's what I call winning, ROLL TIDE!

I am so proud of the University of Alabama Greek Community. They are coming together as one to help serve Tuscaloosa. Yesterday ALONE they served over 8,000 meals. They are working around the clock!! Something VERY cool about their operations is they are heavily relying on social media to get the word out.  They have set up a facebook page and a twitter feed to let the public and other greeks know their immediate needs. They tweeted "We need loaves of bread, asap" and less than 10 minutes later a man showed up with over a 100 loaves and said I heard this is what you needed. Special thanks to DKE, Phi Gam, Beta and Sigma Nu for the use of their houses. THIS IS WHAT BEING GREEK IS ALL ABOUT... THE GREATER GOOD!

Also very proud of all the Auburn Fans showing so much class in this time of need. The group, Toomer's for Tuscaloosa, is unbelievable. 

If you know anything about college football rivalries, the Alabama/Auburn one is considered the greatest in college football.  Putting these differences aside to help neighbors in need is heartwarming. Some people are still being catty about it due to the recent poisoning of Toomer's Oaks but this is peoples lives, homes, families, livelihood we are talking about, not an oak tree. 

If any of my blog friends would like to help out, trust me... There is a way. No matter WHERE you live or how far away. Your help is needed!!! I know have talked about Tuscaloosa a lot but this is not just Tuscaloosa... we are talking almost the entire state from central all the way to North Ala. as well as parts of Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee.

You can donate online through the Red Cross. There is a place on the homepage that looks like this:

If you would like to donate to a more specific cause, my sorority (I have talked about how the tornadoes has affected the chapter here and here) has a Relief Fund set up. If you would like to donate any amount (none too big or too small) you can do so safely and securely by sending monetary donations to:

Gamma Phi Relief Fund

C/o GreekResources Services
PO Box 1880 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403
Please rest assured, the money will be used appropriately. 

There is also still a great need for a large list of general supplies: toiletries (toothbrushes, tooth paste, soap, feminine hygiene, adult diapers etc); baby supplies (diapers, wipes, baby food, bottles); first aid (band-aids, pain relievers, neosporin); building supplies (tarps, hammers, nails); along with garbage bags, ziploc bags, plastic spoons/forks, paper plates, ANY non-perishable foods... just to name a few things. if you would like to find a place to send any of these supplies to, please contact me by leaving a comment on how to get in touch with you or email me lindseyleighw at gmail dot com

Ladies, I also just read that there is a need for women's bras... D cup & up. New, used,  it doesn't matter. Help hold the tata's! If you have any -- let me know! I will get these to the right people.

My aunt and grandmother took an entire trunk full of toiletries to our church yesterday morning. At first it looks like so much. Then you realize how many people are in need... and it doesn't seem like a lot at all. We feel so blessed to be able to help other people out.
Today I am wearing this...
except mine does not look just like this

To honor...
Melanie "Nicole" Mixon
and to support...
My sisters, Love in IIKE.

I am keeping Gamma Phi and the Mixon family in my prayers today, as Nicole's precious soul is laid to rest.

As I wrap up this post... I just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. All of you -- for your messages and comments. When I am back from my break, I just know I will have a list of specific people to thank. Keep sending prayers this way!!! Roll Tide and God Bless America.

We Are Alabama.


Michelle said...

USA! USA! USA! I also cried happy tears last night!

& those tshirts should be in next week & I will mail yours to you!

Jana said...

I cannot stop thinking about your friend who passed way in the storm... and your post a few days ago when you talked about it. What you said about her being alone in her apt and what she must have been thinking. It really hit me. Like I kept thinking about her all day yesterday. Not that the other deaths from the storm haven't hit me, but I just think about when the tornado came through Raleigh and how I was in my house by myself and I was in my bathroom and the things that were going through my mind... I am so blessed, because I walked out of that bathroom 10 mins after the storm passed and I was fine,my house was fine, and I went back to my life, but I keep thinking about all the college kids/young adults that were away from their families that weren't that lucky. It just breaks my heart. I am definitely praying for them and for Alabama...

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Thanks for the updates! Praying!

Adult Diapers said...

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