Friday, April 29, 2011

roll tide and god bless alabama.

I would love to blog about Kate Middleton's fabulous Sarah Burton for McQueen dress and all the Royal Wedding non-sense. Or even about the NFL Draft and how 4 of my Bama boys got picked first draft and almost set a record. I could ramble on and on about how happy I am Ingram went to the Saints (Who Dat!) and how it put a smile on the face of Tuscaloosa, for just a brief moment amidst all the destruction. But I am not going to blog about those things... but I will... just at a later date. All I want to do is give everyone some information on how to help storm victims. 

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the girls in my sorority was missing. She was found and unfortunately she did not make it through the storm. Her body was found amidst a destroyed apartment. She was in her apartment alone when the storm took her life. I kept thinking to myself... How scared did she feel? What were her last moments like? I could never imagine the terror. The saddest part to me was she was alone. Then I realized, she was not alone. HE was with her the entire time. Comforting her and holding her in his arms! She is one of the 8 confirmed students dead at the U of A.  Another girl confirmed dead was a Phi Mu. Please keep the sisters of Phi Mu in your prayers, too. The injured is still in the hospital and underwent surgery yesterday.

An alumnae of the sorority, who is also a sorority adviser and UA professor. Her family is okay but they lost everything. She has an 8 year old little girl. If you have any little girls clothing size 8, shoes size 12.5 or age appropriate toys/books you would like to send to her let me know. I will get you an address to send the stuff. They are thankful to be here but still in need of assistance. We still have a missing staff member, Ms.Essie. I am praying to hear good news about her today.

The university is encouraging all students to please leave campus and go home. Those in dorms have the option of checking out now and leaving, or returning May 7th to check out and gather belongings. Most of my friends have abandoned their Tuscaloosa homes and sought out comfort at home with family or friends if their family is too far away to drive home.

Due to the tragedies,  my sorority has set up a disaster relief fun to aide members, alums and staff who have suffered losses. You can send monetary donations safely and securely to :
 Gamma Phi Relief Fund
C/o GreekResources Services
PO Box 1880 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403

Keep praying... Death toll here in Alabama is over 200. 

A lot of scary things are happening. People are starting to loot heavily and break in unoccupied places. How can someone bring more evil into this world when we are surrounded by devastation? The Women's Resource Center in Tuscaloosa is warning all women... if a child comes to you crying and gives you an address to take them home to, DO NOT DO IT. Take the child to the police immediately! A gang is using innocent children to lure women to rape and assault them. 

I am ashamed.

"When you are part of a team, you are not just part of that team on  Saturday afternoons."
- Nick Saban

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