Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scentsational Smells part deux

You can smell sweet in person but what does the smell of your living environment say about you? Whether you prefer air freshener sprays, plug ins, candles or incense… everyone’s “home-y” smell is different. 

I am pretty partial to candles. I love  the smell of a wick being burnt, the intense aroma of the hot wax or the smoke after the candle is blown out. They remind me of home. This fascination with candles probably stemmed at a young age. Growing up my mom always was burning incense and candles. If you can imagine a living room full of candles all burning at once, that was our house. Thinking back on it, it had a warm and cozy feel but also eclectic and eccentric. It always smelled good and we were always double checking that the flames were out when we left the house.

All of my friends in middle school loved my mom and thought it was so cool and rebellious how we burned candles and incense as if it were some sort of sacrilegious pastime. I remember no one else had parents that burned or let them burn candles and at my house, as long as you blew it out before bedtime, it was cool with my mom. My house being the only grounds for candle burning led to lots of late night sleepovers and a tradition my middle school friends and I called midnight mass (please, we were socially deprived catholic school girls). We tried to burn a candle in my friends basement once, but she got scared her mom would find out and blew it out.

While I have never depended on candle light, there is something very calming and soothing about it. All of my apartments donned candle clad window sills, shelves and had candles burning bright on the bathroom counters (candle in front of a mirror = double light) and backs of the toilet seats. 

Over the years I have favored a few types and brands of candles. While I am no candle snob and have never turned a candle down, these are the absolute best smelling in my opinion.

Capri Blue - Volcano
I love all of the Capri Blue candles (available at Anthropologie) but the Volcano scent is fave.

Voluspa -Makassar Ebony and Peach 

Of all the heavenly smells from the Voluspa collection of candles (available at a lot of gift and boutique stores like Francesca's as well as Anthro) I chose this one a few years back when I wanted a new scent in my room and have been going back to it ever since.

 Voluspa - Baltic Amber

Another one of my Voluspa favorites... The Amber is so rich and fills a room with warmth.

 Capri Blue - African Jasmine

The newest addition to my Capri Blue obsession; African Jasmine.
I love the coral jar it comes in. 

Anyone else have favorite brands of candles? 

Please share! I am always looking for a new scent :) 


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Tocca candles, also available at Anthro!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

i love candles I haven't bought any of the voluspa ones but I've seen them in franchesca's and they smell heavenly!

Mandy said...

HAHAHA the socially deprived Catholic school girl thing cracked me up. My friends and I were the same way! When we were little we once got a hold of old song books from our Church and played Mass. If I remember correctly we even made Eucharist out of bread lol. It's so embarrassing to look back on now. There is no judgement here, girl :)

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