Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A little bit of happiness

Just opened my email to a super pleasant surprise from my friends at Lilly Pulitzer. 

The Lilly P animal crackers are baaaaack!!! I remember when I first saw these in the grocery store, I squealed cause they were sooo cute. This weekend I had an animal cracker and I was like yum, I am going to get some soon. Well whaddaya know. Just in time, Lilly saves the day. 

I am not sure where you can find these. I think I first saw them at a Bruno's but since those are all closed... I shall try Publix. 

Or I could just go to this little handy dandy Cracker Tracker and see where people are getting them around my area. Isn't that sooo cool! If you find some, be sure to enter the info at the Cracker Tracker y'all.


Anonymous said...

i want.


Michelle said...

LOVE IT! I've never seen them before!!

Happy Tuesday!

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Portuguese Prepster said...

love these! My mom always puts them in my easter basket!

Dale said...

Just came accross your blog. These crackers are so cute, I haven't seen these before. You have a lovely blog, nice post.

I'm a new follower
I have a fashion blog here in California

Jessica said...

These boxes are so cute. I'm hoping I can find a box out here.

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