Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day, everyone! 

Of course there is a lot to love on this wonderful Wednesday here in Sweet Home Alabama. So I am going to link up with Jamie for WILW. 

 1. There is one major thing going on right now THAT I AM LOVING and if you follow me on twitter, you might have seen yesterday… I interviewed {kind of last minute} for somewhat a “promotion.” Well, it’s a completely different job than my current one, but higher up so yeah; I guess it’s a promotion. It is within the company I currently work for and would be awesome {x10} experience. 

I think the interview went great but only time will tell. I don’t want to go into too many details just yet but I will keep you updated as long as you all keep me and this job {that I really, really want} in your thoughts and prayers! I have been praying and asking God to guide me in the right direction or open a door for me, as far as my job and career are concerned. 

2. I am also loving all the different ways that God is giving me guidance lately. He has literally started speaking to me on a daily basis! I did not find out the position was open until Monday and guess what my inspirational calendar said on Monday, April 11? “Allow times of testing and trial to deepen your character and beautify your spirit.” There have been a few months of testing, for sure! But maybe those months are over?

Oh, and yesterday when I found out I was going to have the interview {approximately 1 hour before hand} I looked at Tuesday April 12, on my calendar and it said “fear of the unknown can be a daunting thing, making it hard to formulate any decisions or plans for the future. I believe Ruth had one though in mind as she made her decision to go to Judah with Naomi, and it was simply this: “I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get there, but I know one thing: I’m getting out of here!”

Then as I am sitting here writing this post, I flip to April 13 and it says “Sometimes you just have to launch into the deep and trust God to catch you, my friend. What are your choices? Do nothing and get nothing or move toward and take a chance on something. Even if you get nothing, at least you took control of your destiny for one moment and tried. At least you now know what was on the other side of your question.” This is unreal y’all. This is exactly how I felt about this position once I decided I would pursue it! 

3. I am obsessed loving La Croix. 

This is my miracle worker. It {along with smart water} has helped me slowly start kicking my Diet Coke addiction to the curb. La Croix is carbonated and flavored water in a can. My first La Croix experience was with my roomie while living in the G-Phi-B house, Alison. She introduced me, I really liked it and we bought them all the time when we lived together. We even made fun of the name and nick named it something kind of dirty inappropriate.  

 So when I decided to try to kick the DC habit, I just so happen to also find out that Dollar Tree by my house sold select aka minimal flavors La Croix. Ok, it’s a 4 pack for $1 and the cases at Tarjay are a little more than that. A lot of what I enjoy from a Diet Coke is the carbonation. Unfortunately, I also enjoy need caffeine. I started substituting DC’s for La Croix and it’s been fabulous. 

I have been able to wean myself off the can of crack slowly but surely. At first it was hard as it always was every time I gave up soft drinks for Lent. Now, it’s easy… I will go 2-3 days without a DC. I still pop a can open and enjoy nice cold carbonation and feel the fizzle on my throat without all the sodium {ridiculous amounts} and the repercussions of the coloring {got to keep the teethies pearly white}. I am drinking a Lime La Croix right now :)

4. This weekend I will be ...

 and maybe


I am going to visit my mom, grandma and sis this weekend in Gulf Shores. I haven't seen them since February so it will be a nice visit! I never have enough time to do everything I want to do while in GS. My mom's boyfriend has his daughter coming in town to participate in the Mullet Man Triathlon and it ends at the Flora Bama so I am pretty sure we will be there at some point. I really want to go to the beach for a little bit even just for a walk on the beach. I mostly want to relax and enjoy my time there. Except when I make myself get up early on Saturday and Sunday to run cause this ain't no vacation... got to keep the schedule rolling. Note to self: minimal adult beverages and remember to eat healthy decent.

5. 36 days until....

Las Vegas!
6. only 30 days until this...

 Not sure if I am going to do it yet but I really really want to! I have never ran a 5k {although currently training} and I think this would be a fun one for a 1st timer. The course is through the Birmingham Zoo and their new "Trails of Africa". 30 days is not far away but then again I have come really far in just a couple of weeks... Still time to decide.


Anonymous said...

I love La Croix also!

Anonymous said...

cute blog! new follower!

come see me...xoxoxo, Hannah @ a lovely mess.

Greer's Gossip said...

Love your blog! We are going to Vegas this summer, I can't wait! Congrats on your promotion interview!

Jana said...

I need one of those inspirational calendars. I get devotional emails everyday, but something to sit on my desk would be nice!!

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