Friday, April 8, 2011

Heads up...

I think this is my first offish product review post. While I have talked about all the products that are near and dear to my heart before… this is about 2 new products I just tried for the first time. Ironically they are both skin care products! 

Ok so I talked about ordering the Clarisonic here. It wasn’t set to ship until April 1 and then once I finally got it I had to charge it for 24 hours. I have used it the past two nights and I really like it so far. In the past, I washed my face with either bare hands or a washcloth. The Clarisonic like buffers the skin or something, cause my skin is sooo soft after washing. It also has a timer where it beeps every 20 seconds or so to let you know to move onto the next section of your face. Short term – I like it so far and I think we are going to be a nice match. We will see some more dramatic results hopefully in the next few weeks. I want cleaner smaller pores and to eliminate a good portion of my black heads.  

 It also came with all of the shown Philosophy products which made it uber sweet.

I also ordered the Josie Maran Self Tanner with Bronzing Argan Oil. Those who aren’t familiar with Josie Maran she is a former model with her own line of skin care products made from 100% Argan oil. I am pretty sure Argan oil is the stuff from the fountain of youth. It comes from the Argan tree (no brainer) and supposedly has nutritive, cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Argan oil is the main ingredient in my favorite hair care product as well, Moroccan oil. The oil itself is very good for the face and skin of body. 

This gradual self tanner has argan oil in it as well as comes with a small bottle of the bronzing serum which is straight up argan oil. It works pretty well for a self tanner and it’s not a nasty orange color. I had to build the tan up a bit to notice results. But it kind of gives my skin a glow. It looks healthy and not fake at all. I use to be tanorexic and want instant gratification as far as a tan was concerned. I still am a little guilty of this. I am really impressed in the results not just tan-wise but how my skin looks and feels. I moisturize with lotion daily but this stuff has an extra kick to it. I will be coming back for more. 

There you go, my newest skin-care products. I hope if any of you were considering these products that this has helped.  

Ps. The lovely Jessica @ Pearls and Pink Polka Dots is having an awesome Vineyard Vines give-away. She is giving away this suuuuuuper cute VV bracelet, Coozie and Croakies! Tons of VV goodies :)


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Thanks so much for your comment on the green egg. I'm going to show it my hubs tonight. He'll probably be sold on it, after reading your comment.

P.S. I didn't have a clean face until I found the Clarisonic about a year ago. You'll continue to LOVE it FOREVER!!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I use Philosophy skin care and love it!

Sam {} said...

ooo, i'm always looking for a healthy tan alternative! thanks for sharing :)

Miss Lindsay said...

I ordered mine from QVC around the holidays... so jealous of all the philosophy goodies that came along with it! You will love it.

Rachel McPhillips said...

Ohh.. I need that Clarisonic thingie!!

katelyn w said...

I have been lusting after a Clarisonic for soo long. I just need to take the plunge and buy it!
xo ,kmw

Jessica said...

Thanks for posting about my giveaway! Good luck doll! xoxo

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