Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gettin' Jiggy With It

yeah, in honor of the jiggles the post title is referring to the Will Smith song "Gettin' Jiggy With It" 

It's Thursday & time to link up with my friends Running Backwards in High Heels
and Mr. & Mrs. Smith  for the Weightloss Challenge aka operation get rid of the jiggles.

Weight Loss Challenge

I told my weight loss buddies & followers last week how I normally weigh on Fridays, so yeah no #'s today. I have actually decided I want to not post the #'s until the end of the challenge from here on out. I think it will be much more gratifying. I just feel that I do not need to focus so much on what I see on the scale, but what I can see changing in my body. Cause I can't lie and tell you I was dissapointed that I only lost 1lb last week {that is my last number until this is ova!}. At first I was devastated, then pissed off... I walked AND ran a lot {a lot to me is prob a little to some of y'all}  that week {about 8 miles, 4 days at 2 miles a day} and did some other exercising. Oh wells, gotta plateau sometime.

So I am going to start sharing different aspects of the weight loss journey every week. This week it's all about the exercising. GETTING ACTIVE aka neglecting my television rituals. Next week maybe it will be a running/workout play list. 

So far this week I have ran and exercised but not as much as I wanted to {thanks to the cupcakes I made for work}. So I weigh on Fridays so that is also when my "week" begins. Here is a glimpse of my workout regime.

Friday: Epic fail. I wanted to go for a small night run in my mom's neighborhood when I got there but due to tornadic weather, did not make it that night. Went home, vegged out cause I did not feel well, and fell asleep early. Unintentional "Rest" day.

Saturday: Woke up early and drove to my mom's and surprised her. So when I got there I was like ok, let's do it to it. I put on my shoes and ran around her neighborhood which two full laps = a little over a mile. So I only did about 1.3 miles. I made my sister run with me. She did pretty good!

Sunday: I was going to wake up and run but slept late and then went to eat lunch. Then drove home. Another unintentional rest day. Boo. 

Monday: Ran 1.5 miles & did my shake weight

Tuesday: Ran almost 2 {I can't remember exact #} came home and did the shake weight. This night was pretty awesome because after running, I was literally like not out of breath at all for the first time everrrrr.

Wednesday: wanted to run but had to make cupcakes 200 crunches & shake weight

Thursday: I plan on running tonight. This WILL happen. No excuses. 

So the lady I call my "running mentor" aka the woman I babysit for... who told me I could run in the first place after thinking it was impossible, told me and then told my aunt this week that I was really inspiring to her. Jigga what? More like the other way around, shug.That was a pleasant surprise. 

Anywho, I am adding something else to the workout regime... KETTLE BELL. This is the workout that keeps my mom thin {before she started eating Jelly Belly Jelly Beans on a daily basis}. It works your entire core. 
Luckily, my aunt found a box the other day that had not been opened. This is not uncommon in our house. Beyond me I tell ya. I immediately open every package I get. She will keep boxes in the car for like weeks at a time and then finally bring em' inside, open em' and say "oooh forgot I ordered this."

Moving forward... in that box was Kettlenetics with Michelle Khai {profesh choreographer}. It is dance inspired which should be fun. 


Rachel McPhillips said...

I am obsessed with the elliptical. I got back on it last week since my knee had been bothering me, and I forgot how much I love that stupid thing!! I also try to stretch while watching tv, or maybe some push ups or abs- it doesn't hurt to watch Real Housewives or something to keep you motivated while you're doing it!

Zara said...

I've had a few of those EPIC FAIL days this week. I make excuses and put of going to the gym or hopping on the elliptical (which I LOVE by the way)until its bedtime.

As long as you have a game plan you can always get back on the ball. :-)

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

I looove kettlebells! Keep up the good work :) Can't wait to see your results!

Alex Carter said...

Kettle ball swings are a grea1 exercise we use them a lot with crossfit

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

How do you like that shake weight? I've seen it all over the infomericals!

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