Monday, April 11, 2011

Masters Fashion:

Every year thousands upon thousands flock to the Augusta National Golf Club to be a part of one of the largest and most well known golf tournaments. The Master's are two words that are music to any golfer's ear. I am not a golfer per say (I still haven't gotten over my golf related injury) but those words are music to my ears too. Tons of hot golfers dressed to the nine's at one of the prettiest places in the Continental United States for a weeks worth of golf. I will take it!

No surprise that one of my favorite things about golf is judging their clothes. Guilty. What's a girl to do? I have compiled a list of my favorite Master's fashions from the first to the final rounds. I really like how very golfer dresses to their own style. It's like okay, golf clothes are mainly conservative but there are those that really know how to spice them up and add their own personal flair (I'm talking about you, Rickie Fowler).

"Good mates" Jason Day and Adam Scott having a Bromance moment after the final found.
While Adam Scott is my heart-throb longtime golf crush, I really didn't like his outfit at the final round. Too bland and neutral. It was like cream on white. On the other hand, his aussie pal Jason Day's shirt was really pretty and I think it matched his skin tone very nicely.

Yes, Tiger is wearing green here but I don't think this was the green he was hoping for.

My favorite Tiger outfit of the rounds was his first round choice with the green with navy and other shades of blue ( I think) stripes. I like green a lot and I like the green and navy combo. His 3rd round blue shirt came in at a close second. My aunt really liked his shirt from the second round, the white one with the green stripey down his right hand side. All fashion aside, lets talk some Tiger gossip. Did you know Tiger's girlfriend was only 8 years old when he won his first green jacket?

How cool was it for Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler and Jason Day (21, 22 and 23 years old) to play together on Thursday.

Rickie Fowler never dissapoints.  His wardrobe is flat out entertaining. You can always expect some wild and wacky colors or patterns from him. It's quite predictable but always nice to see someone embracing their individuality on the course. Here he is seen during the second round with Rory McIlroy (stud. we will get to him later) and wearing a few bright colors. I actually consider this to be one of his more tamed outfits of the week or ever. Normally he is sporting a lot more bright orange. He has also been said to be one of the worst dressed in golf but I kind of admire the gusto. His first round choice looked liked he was trying to camouflage himself with the green (literally head to toe).  No matter what he wears, he still needs a hair cut.

I love love loved Luke Donald's third round apparel. This outfit was my favorite of the entire tournament. I was just cute. Although I don't think cutesy is what he is going for. He looked good in it and he stood out but not too much. Maybe Rickie Fowler could take a few lessons from him. 

 Was it just me or did anyone else think his second round outfit looked like a Panda bear?

Rory McIlroy is a beast on the course and my newest crush. He's so cute in that dorky way. Lucky for me, I like the dorky type. He certainly played it safe in his first Master's with his gray scale outfit choices. Although there was a hint of lime green (or was it neon yellow?) in his shirt from the final round. I was really hoping for him to win it all and Saturday it looked like he was going to. Oh well, there's always next year! Now to figure out how to meet my beau.

Now for the best fashion statement of the entire week. Charl Schwartzel sporting the green jacket wins it all. The South African dressed well but nothing looked as studly on him as the green jacket. Heck, I think KJ Choi or Angel Cabrera could have been wearing the jacket and I would've named him fashionista man of the week. The jacket, a timeless trophy of accomplishment, just exudes class. 

And today is the first day of the year til the next Master's. Maybe I will get out my clubs and head to the driving range in hopes of meeting my golfer.


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whoa. thank you for sharing Rory McIlroy with me. HOTTIE! haha xoxox

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It cracks me up that you did the Masters through clothes :)

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