Monday, April 25, 2011

Tame my mane

Aside from having decided that I can not afford {literally} to get sick 1 more time in 2011 {I am up to my ears in co-pays and prescriptions. I mean I have health insurance but all those $10 copays and $15 scrips add up! plus all the otc stuff I've been taking} I have spent some decent amounts of time in CVS lately {prefer Walgreen's but there is not one near my house... which is why I go there often on my lunch hour}. Whilst pondering the aisles last week  waiting on my scripts to be finished I found something

You see I was needing some shampoo & conditioner badly.  I was planning on trying Fekkai cause I have heard so many wonderful things about it. I have immensely unmanageable {at times} curly and frizzy hair that of course I can't stand {but everyone else looooves. why can't we ever be thankful for what the good Lord gave us?}

Anywho, I was going to get the Fekkai starter kit that has miniatures of the shampoo, condish and hair mask that I saw the other day at Walgreen's. CVS did not have this even amongst the designer shampoos they do carry. So I browsed the ones they did have but was still planning on going to Target to see what they had. Then something caught my eye... it was an interesting shaped bottle... kind of ovalish... bronze colored... I had seen these bottles before... oh what the heck.... just read the label... then I stumbled upon a shampoo made by Organix

So I started reading the bottle; "Sulfate and Sodium Free". Score! This was something I had been reading about {sodium and sulfate are harmful to colored hair and strip the color and leave behind residue, also good to keep hair straight}. So then I read further... formaldehyde free. WHAT! They put that stuff that preserves dead animals in shampoo? Kept reading... Keratin proteins {this I knew was great for your hair's health. basically a hair vitamin}. So I grabbed a bottle of  each, the shampoo and condish; Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy.

So I have seen/heard of the Brazilian Keratin therapy before. There are other {more expensive} versions of the product. Also heard of the Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin treatments for relaxation. So I gave it a try. Here is a 4 day observation.

Day 1. Noticeable difference in my post-blow drying hair. I blow it out like with the brush and brush it the whole time but normally it's everywhere. This day it was a lot more smooth and took less time to straighten. Immediate results.  Smells good, too!

Day 2. Again, nice results from blow drying. Straightened suuuper well and then due to the days forecast covered {more that the usual} head with frizz ease hair spray. It was POURING rain in Birmin'ham this day so it was obvi I would have a bad hair day, right? WRONG! Maybe it's because I did not venture out into this stormy weather but my hair stayed smooth all day. On the norm, the humidity at least gets to it on my walks to/from car.
Day 3. Rained a bit throughout the day. Humidity attacked my hair... but it looked ok. I was still satisfied with the prehumidy results
Day 4. Yeah, I think I will keep it :)

Basically... It's AMAZEBALLS

A few little notes... It's not a big lathering shampoo. So if you try it don't expect tons of suds. They conditioner is a little different too. It's not like super slimy [only word I could think of]. Much more creamy. Does that even make sense?

Super amped for this new product! 


The Sweet Life said...

I just bought the same stuff. I have been a fan of Organix for a while, but usually just get the milk one.

Jana said...

Thanks for sharing this, I am going to try it! I can use any help with getting my hair to not frizz...

Portuguese Prepster said...

wow thanks for sharing! might try this!

Jessica said...

I think I will try this. I have major hair problems and this sounds like it will help with a few of them. Thanks for sharing! :)

Michelle said...

I have the actual Keratin treatment in my hair. Just did it for the second time and I love it!!! It is amazing!! Best money I've ever spent!

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