Friday, April 1, 2011

Play Ball!

For the love of all things truly American, today's post is inspired by my Cubbies. Although yesterday was Opening Day, my Cubbies do not play until today at 1:20 p.m. against the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

Baseball season is here. Many Americans relish in this classic past-time. Opening day is the sports worlds way of saying, "Winter is gone, Spring time is blossoming and Summer is drawing near." Good-Bye and good riddance to March Madness. It's time for a suntan and hot dog and that's something you can't get courtside (ok, maybe you can get a hot dog at a bball game but definitely not a tan). Bust out the ball cap and wear your team with pride.

A lot of people do not understand why I root for the Cubs when the nearest MLB franchise to me is the Bravos. Sure, the Bravos are cool. I will even root for them on the occasion but having frequented Chicago several times in my latter teen years, my family & I fell in love with the spirit of the Cubdom. They are totally the underdog and have been for many, many years. It doesn't matter that they are a mediocre team, Cubs fans still come out to the games.

Wrigley is absolutely beautiful and the Cubs fans remind me a lot of Alabama fans, tried and true through think and thin. There is nothing like a Chicago Dog and beer on a hot Chicago summers day. 

New York Times, Dan McGrath said it well; "Wrigley’s undeniable charm is the primary reason three million fans turned out to watch a fifth-place ballclub last season, a tired, listless club that never spent a day in contention. But the overall quaintness of the place — the grass, the ivy, the sunshine, the beer, the socializing..."

Here are some game-day inspired pieces from Victoria's Secret PINK MLB line.

Play Ball!

Go Cubs! Who is your favorite MLB team?


katelyn w said...

I went to a game last summer and it was a blast! Now that my old roommate is a perm. resident of Chicago, we are hoping to go to a rooftop game this summer! Although, I must admit I care more about the social aspects than the game..oops!

Michelle said...

I am Yankee fan and posted my favorite Yankee-themed articles of clothing too :)

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