Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For Fab Faces

There is something special about finding beauty products that you really like. Ones you can wholeheartedly advocate because you actually have used them and loved the results. I have done a post about some of my favorite hair products but now it's face-time. 

I have a pretty routine (strict) beauty regiment as far as my makeup goes. I wear (almost) the same thing every day with the occasional change on the weekends depending on the outfit or where I am going. I do it this way because I have found several products that I like and that really work for me and my skin type. I also do everything in the exact same order everyday so that it always looks the same.

The first product I put on my face before anything else is Dr. Denese Defense Day Cream. It is basically a tinted moisturizer with some spf in it. I use this to smooth my skin out before I apply my foundation and powder. I literally could not function without it. Even if I am not wearing makeup that day, I will put on a little of this and some mineral veil over it and voila… smoother skin.  As far as foundation and a powder; I have used Bare Minerals for about 6 years now and will never use another make up again. I could (and will) write on entire post on Bare Minerals at a later date.  I use the matte foundation and tinted mineral veil. 

 Dr. Denese Day Cream

NARS speaks to me with the racy names of their products, which is why it was no surprise when I was immediately attracted to the orgasm blush. It’s a great shade of pink and looks good in summer and winter. I recently purchased the orgasm and super orgasm duo and I mix the two together on my blush brush and get a nice sparkly pink.

NARS blush in Orgasm

On my eyes, I really like the more natural palettes of eye shadow. Of course, every now and then I like to mix it up but for the most part; the more neutral, the better. These shades can range from peach, cream, gold, brown and I normally wear 3 different shades; one for the bottom, one in the crease and one on the brow line. The Too Faced Natural Eye kit is my favorite. It has every shade I need and my most favorite eye shadow of all time, Honey Pot!

 Too Faced Natural Eye

Although the shadow accentuates overall eye look, without eye liner and mascara, the face is not complete. Over the years I have struggled to find the perfect liner for my bottom lids. I like to use a pencil on the bottom and liquid on the top. I am not sure how this came about but it is how I do it now and it works for me pretty well. One of the biggest problems I encountered with the pencil liners is they would smudge or run, I am sure some of you ladies have experienced this. I really liked the ULTA brand eye-pencils for a while then they started doing the same thing. I have found perfection in pencil liner form: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil. Probably one of the more expensive eye pencils I have ever bought, but well worth it and lasts a good while. 
 24/7 Liner in Black

Mascara is the last thing I do every morning (other than lip gloss cause I put that on in the car…) and it is also the product I spend the least amount of money on. I was graced by the good Lord with the gift of naturally long and curly eyelashes. Therefore it is only right that I accentuate them to the best of my abilities. First I put on a layer of Maybelline Colossal Volum Express on top and then add with a layer of Maybelline Falsies Volum Express on top and bottom. Both these mascaras really boost and lengthen my lashes, even more!

 Colossal Volum and Falsies Volum

I switch it up on the lips a lot. I love the NARS super orgasm lip gloss but also love my long time favorite and lip gloss bff, Bare Minerals Buxom in Dolly. There are several others that frequent my face but those are the top two. 

 Buxom in Dolly

 And there you go... my obsessive compulsive beauty regime in a nutshell. All my favorite products and what I love about them!


Jana said...

I bought NARS orgasm this weekend and I love it! I am going to check out that spf face cream, I will not leave the house without spf on my face. I also just bought bare minerals this weekend for the first time and I think I really like it! What exactly is the mineral veil supposed to do?

katelyn w said...

I use NARS orgasm! I absolutely love it! : )
xox, kmw

Fashion Meets Food said...

Great products picks. I absolutely love NARS orgasm. My room is obsessed with it too... but only because of the name lol.


Brittany said...

I have that too faced eyeshadow and love it!!!!

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