Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Fun

Isn't it funny when  you have a day that you think is going to be just another work day that turns into a really fun day? Well, around 10:30 this morning my co-worker sent me an email asking me to go to a luncheon with her... DUH! Sometimes my job really has its perks! These kind of fun events remind me why I love my job so much. Here's why!

This luncheon was with one of our vendors (remember, I work in travel) who happens to do a lot of destination weddings. We aren't exactly in the wedding business here at the travel company but our vacation department does a lot of honeymoons and destination weddings so some of our events are actually bridal shows! Hence, we get invited to bridal events.

Our vendor partnered with a local jeweler and hosted this great event at The Donelly House in Birmingham, which is gorg btw... if any of you B'ham brideys are looking for a reception or even wedding venue. Donelly House has a catering company they use and they provided lunch, dessert and an after event gathering at the jewelry store with some more fun stuff.

The venue is so beautiful and newly remodeled. The tables were decorated with precious fall decor!

For lunch we had a Paella in a pumpkin. How cute?!?! I would have never thought to use a pumpkin but that is precious. It could work for dips or even for soups in the fall. Great idea for fall themed gatherings or Halloween parties. The paella was chicken, pork and shrimp and was delicious.

For dessert, sadly no good picture, we had a Creme Brulee Martini {vanilla vodka}. The martini was rimmed with graham cracker flavored sugar {yes, flavored sugar!}. It also had the fired sugar atop just like a REAL creme brulee. It was hardened and covered the entire top -- you had to break it to drink.

When we headed for the "After party" they had Dreamcakes Bakery there with their CUPCAKE TRUCK. Ahhh cupcake heaven! They served us wedding cake cupcakes {btw, sooo good}.

This is the back of the truck.

Devoured shortly after I got back to the office.

It was a lovely little surprise to brighten what I like to call "Terrible Tuesday". Monday isn't too bad cause it was just the weekend yesterday. Wednesday is the middle of the week aka "Hump Day", Thursday is "Friday Eve" and then Friday is Casual Friday/Almost the weekend... that leaves Tuesday with nothing fun. Hence Tuesday = Terrible Tuesday. Just my opinion on the days of the week.

Since this made my day go by so quick and was really fun "work" I want to brighten all of your days...

Doesn't Lexie look so precious? She is wearing her halloween dress! It has a ghost on the back and yes, she loves wearing clothes. She strives to be a "real girl".


Allison said...

Sounds like you had a fun day at work! I'm jealous you got out of the office for the day to do so much fun stuff!

Emily said...

That does sound like a fun day at work!! I love unexpected surprises like that! I bet the cupcakes were delish. PS I'm having a giveaway on my blog that will have 3 winners, you should check it out :)

Brittany said...

Wedding cakes cupcakes from Dreamcakes are the best!!

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