Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Halloween from the camp ground!

In the spirit of Halloween I have some very spooky pictures for you. I live right by Tannehill State Park and tons of people camp there with their campers, 5th wheels, motor homes and even real tents {shudder, I know}. At Halloween time everyone camping at the park {it's a lot of people that are camping there this time of year} decorate around their camper to get into the Halloween spirit. Last night we went riding around the camp ground & looking.

Let me tell you, these people are no amateur decorators! They have fancy schmancy set ups in front of their homes on wheels. Some are cutesy Halloween and some are, dare I say, straight up scary! They have contest and different awards for different themes. One had their award from last year displayed, they won "Best Use of Inflatables." Some had some inflatables I had never seen before, and I have seen a lot because let's face it.... I live in Alabama and those are high class {sarcasm}. 

It was really fun to ride around on a cool-er {remember, I live in Alabama} night with the windows down, looking at the decorations and smelling the sweet smell of a campfire {my favorite fall smell}. I love holiday decor! I want to decorate our yard for Halloween all crazy next year. We normally have decent amount of tasteful Christmas decor out {wreath, big bows, garland, white lights}. Remind me at Christmas time to tell y'all a REALLY funny story about Christmas decorations.

I took a lot of pics and here are some of my favorite decorations...

So what do you think? Isn't it awesome?

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Sarah said...

That looks like so much fun! I LOVE decorating for holidays, but especially Halloween! The Mickey Mouse looking pumpkin is adorable!

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