Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life of a Traveler

When I say traveler, I really feel like a traveler aka a gypsy. Like I live out of a suitcase and my butt is glued to my car seat. You see, I get on these kicks where I some how get myself into these situations of 6 or 7 busy weekends in a row and at the end of it... I am pooped.

Last weekend marked my 1st runaway weekend. Well, I am off once again this weekend! This time I am going to Mobile for Amber's baby shower. So excited to spend time with her and my other friends and to see, I mean rub on Bryson. Oh and sing to him.

I designed this invite! I love it :) So perfect for little Monkey Bryson and his Jungle theme baby shower.

Tonight I got to do it to it and pack pack pack, finish up some things for the baby shower, watch Big Brother, workout, it all sounds impossible... maybe I won't get it all done but I will darn sure try. The best part {sarcasm} is going to be figuring out what to wear. Meeeeh excitement just went down-hill.

Guess what else I am doing this weekend!?!?

Saturday night we're loading up and going to The Palace Casino and Resort!! Woot woot. It's in Biloxi which is almost an hour from Mobile. I have been here A LOT. When I was in college I went tons of times with my friend Ash and her family. Some of the finest times and then some of my not-so-fine times have gone down here {let's say... New Years 2009, woops!} Loooove this place, but don't love to gamble so I sit back and have a few drinks and enjoy the atmosphere then head up to the room, order some room service and kick back with a nice movie. Cool thing about watching movies at the casino is most of them have just left the theatres.

When I say I have been here a lot, I mean I know the employees on a first name basis, have been personally escorted from casino-to-casino in their limo and have the bartender's number stored in my phone. I haven't been to the Palace in over a year due to having to work and grown up stuff like that... sooooo I AM SO AMPED.

I will have a great picture post after this weekend, I am sure!

Au Revoir for now...


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You designed that? SUPER cute! Great job! Have a fun weekend. Sounds like a lot of good times in store :)

Leslie said...

that invite is SO cute!! You did a great job designing it! It sounds like you have a wonderful weekend in store! I can't wait to see pictures ;)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Hi sweet girl! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Cute baby shower invite--my mom and I hosted a shower for my cousin in July and it was so fun! Have a good weekend!

Jessica said...

That invite is too cute! Love! Have a great weekend! xo

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