Wednesday, September 28, 2011

True Life: Im addicted to tv

If you are one of my twitter followers you may or may not get annoyed with my constant twitter updates about all my tv shows. I tweet live during them. Especially the reality shows I watch (Big Brother, Bachlor, Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, etc) but often times during regular non-reality tv as well. My twitter feed is one giant spoiler, sorry west coasters that follow me.

I use to never rarely watch tv when I was still in school. Now I watch like EVERYTHING {especially reality... love reality}

Fall shows are coming back on and this is what I plan on watching...

Desperate Housewives: 6 seasons later I am still watching. Can't get enough of those ladies on Wisteria lane. I am going to cry during the last episode. RIP Desperate. What will I watch on Sunday nights? I am interested in seeing how this final season plays out and I really just want Tom and Lynette to get back together.

Revenge: One of my Brothers and Sisters characters is the star. I watched last weekand it was really good so basically im excited for tonight.
Pan Am: OMG! I can feel an obsession coming on. I love that it's in another decade. I am a sucker for old movies so I expected to love this show.

Playboy Club: I really want to watch this but It's either going to be fab or a flop. I already missed the first ep. Thank god for Hulu!

Gossip Girl: haven't watched the last season so I might want to get caught up on that... already 1 episode behind this season too. dang it.

Glee: Be still my heart. The Gleeks are back!!!! Yay

The Middle: Sorry but Brick is the cutest thing ever. The most perfectly disfunctional family, everrrr.

Suburgatory: Looks like it has potential.

I *think* that is all. I feel like I am missing some. I am evidently not going to be able to keep up with each and every one of these shows. I am already behind on some. I need to make a tv schedule. Does that sound dorky/addicted?

Ok, what is everyone else watching this Fall?


Leslie said...

I wish I had more time to watch TV!! I wanted to watch Pan Am the other night and I missed it! but I did catch New Girl last night and it was really funny!

Michelle said...

The Sing Off is a great show to watch! I'm a sucker for music shows and my mom said the X Factor was great and was a million times better than American Idol so I plan to catch up with that. I'm also a biiig fan of Sister Wives on TLC.

Nicole said...

ME TOO, I love TV

Lindsey said...

I'm addicted as well, probably worse than you if I had to guess. I am excited to watch Revenge, I have it DVRd. I forgot to set PanAm before I went to Vegas, but I am totally going to catch up then watch this weekend!

Amanda B. said...

I absolutely LOVED Pan Am! It was just so glamorous and wonderful. I'll also be watching Modern Family and Survivor this season. And yes, Survivor is still on...

Jessica said...

I am addicted to tv too. I watched PanAm and loved it! The Playboy Club is really good too! I love that both are in the 60s.

Shannon said...

I am hooked to Pan Am and the Playboy Club!! You would love the Playboy Club so start catching up on Hulu haha.

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