Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cool Running {Shoes}

So I have officially decided that to get back into my motivated to run mode I need to encourage myself with a new pair of shoes. Every girl loves shoes, even if they are for physical activity. The truth is.... I miss running but can't seem to get super motivated. Maybe new shoes will do the trick?!?

I picked these out last March and have yet to buy them. Partially because they are pricey and the other reason is because they are a bit loud.

I designed them myself on, so yes I chose those outrageous colors. They are a bit bright huh? I mean I am nothing short of outrageous and not afraid to take chances but are these a bit overboard? My sister has some that are precious but I wonder if I am too old for these. I could re-design and take the colors down a notch and just leave a few brights in there, I guess. Either way Hannah says these shoes are comfy so I def want this style.

 They are Nike Lunar Glide + 2 iD I believe.


Rachel McPhillips said...

Have you been fitted for the Lunar Glide before? I would only be hesitant because I would worry they would kill my feet. Otherwise.. I say embrace the skittle-ness of them. Why blend in, when you could stand out on the road??

Michelle said...

I like them. I always seem to pick bright colored tennis shoes, but I usually pick white ones with bright accents. I love Nike though.

Courtney said...

I've been wanting to buy some new running shoes lately too(don't even run EVERRR,i can barely get past like a minute) but these shoes would make me want to run!

Lisha Audley said...

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