Saturday, September 10, 2011

5 Things for Bryson Luke

Today is the day of my friend Amber's baby shower. Amber will be showered with gifts and love today for the arrival of Bryson Luke. Bryson has a special place in my heart as my first "nephew". I won't be an aunt for a long time cause my sister is only 17 so he gets to fill the void and call me Aunt Lulu!!!

As an aunt, I feel there are certain duties and obligations one must fulfill. One of those is giving them everything Mommy and Daddy won't. Lucky me I am a giver. I love to give gifts and presents and surprises so this will come EASY! As Bryson's crazy {literally} Aunt Lulu these are 5 things I can't wait to give/share with him...

1. Candy and caffiene

Lots and lots of candy and caffeine. Then send him packing back to Mommy Amber and Daddy Josh. They will LOVE me for this.

I chose gummy bears and Dr.Pepper because they are my favorite. I will be glad to share with Bry! 

2. Play Doh
I lovelovelove play doh. Everything about it including the smell. Call me crazy {cause I am}. When I was little my mom would NEVER let me have play doh at home cause she was afraid of me getting it in the carpet. My grandma always let me play with it at her house. I want Bryson to have some play doh. Every color of the play doh rainbow!

3. TCBY's Rainbow Cream icecream
I am not going to go into any specifics on this one. This ice cream is nothing but vanilla loaded down with enough food coloring to turn a 3rd world country blue! The thing about this icecream is that it turns certain *things* very crazy colors. I hope to give this to him before he is out of diapers if you know what I mean ;) wink wink!

4. A drum set

This one is a total DUH. I mean I definitely want to inspire our little musician to make some noise. I think he needs to play the drums... not the piano or trumpet. Those instruments are boring and  for pansies.  REAL MEN play the drums and I want Bry to be a womanizer. The girls always love drummers! I might even throw in a drum lesson or two with this little gift. Age 5 seems like the appropriate birthday for this, don't you think? I can see it now....

5. Explicable Language
Last but not least I would like to teach Bryson a few bad words. Actually, I kid. I plant to be on my best behavior around this kid {unless it's gameday then I can't make any promises}.
I will leave THIS ONE up to the guys aka Josh's friends. Trust me... if they are around Mama's boy he will be dropping curse words in no time but I will have NO PART in this corruption. Amber will be happy to hear this.

I still can't believe I am having friends having kiddies. I love babies though! Best of luck to Amber & Josh... I hope Bryson is a good baby so we can have Baby Girl soon :) Love you, Amber!


Catherine said...

i miss tcby! that ice cream looks amazing! what a lucky boy!

Amber said...

haha ohhh Lindsey. I need to pretend I didn't read this! Bryson will love you because of all this badness. lol I think I'm ok with everything but the caffeine. You might not want to tell me about that... lol

Jessica said...

I swear sometimes I'm dyslexic and I read this Luke Bryan instead of Bryson Luke or maybe I'm just obsessed with Luke Bryan.

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