Friday, September 2, 2011

Personal Fail: Fall Fashion

It's September! Wow, time flies when you are having fun busy.

I am having a hard time imagining any sorts of fall fashion right now. It's still hot and heavy here in Sweet Home Alabama (we're talking mid 90's). I can't even begin to think about a scarf, sweater, boots or anything in a burnt orange or brown shade right now because I am still wearing Jack Rogers and sundresses and I don't plan to have to put them away til Mid October {unless they are white and off they go back into closet land}

The only thing remotely close to fall clothing that I have been thinking about is gameday attire {see
here for my daydreaming on amazing gameday clothes}

I am also really behind on all my fashion mags right now {I have a whole stack of them at home that I need to tackle}. I could not tell you what is this seasons "it" fashion. I would stutter and stumble on my words if you asked me {so, don't}.

I have also been far too busy getting ready for Disney World {14 days} and getting through a crazy month of work. Fash has not been on my mind and this is NOT normal.

I will say I have browsed the Old Navy site {my go to for a lot of basic pieces} and saw some cute cardis and leopard print {2 staples in my closet}. I also saw some colorblocking that I just looooove.

 But what's up with Midi skirts? Like serious? Skirts of that length are in NO WAY going to work for a person with short legs like myself. I would look so cut off.

There are so many collections for this fall I am hoping are rewarding to my fashion pallette. I have heard great things about Lauren Conrad for Kohls {love} and Missoni for Target {the verdict is not out on this one yet} and I hope they do not dissapoint!

So apparently fashion has not been on my mind but call me crazy cause I started thinking about a halloween costume the other day. What the heck?

In between worrying about what to wear this fall and working... I do have a few little beauts that I have in the past day found on the Tracy Negoshian and Judith March sites that are definitely some things I could style this fall.

Love the color palette for this Valerie dress {Tracy Negoshian}

Obsessed with this print and this Kristin wrap dress! {Tracy Negoshian}


Must and I mean it is IMPERITIVE that I get this Judith March dress. I am beyond obsessed. I have a vision for this dress and it includes some brown boots.

This Judith March dress is TOO CUTE as well. I love the green and brown and the polka dots, of course {I heard polka dots were in for fall?}

ps. despite my love for bright colors fall neutral colors really look best on me... :) which is why I do love fall clothes!

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Seashells and Southern Belles said...

I am having a hard time with this too... I just got a new job where I have to dress up, I didn't at my old job so I went out yesterday and spent wayyyy too much money, I am having anxiety about it now, ha, but all I got was a shat-ton of cardigans and some dressy shirts. I got one pair of dress pants but that ain't going to do it and NO HEELS. Like I have no idea what I'm going to wear, ha. and I haven't worn heels in years, so this is going to be a big change. and I'm with you on the skirts, I CANNOT rock them. I hate anything high waisted on me and they just don't make pencil skirts that are low waisted...

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