Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Sweet Sister

Since yesterday was sibling day and I apparently still haven't loaded any cruise pictures I figured I could tell you a few other cruise stories. One of them being about my sister, Hannah.

I mentioned that she snored the entire trip right?

She snored loudly. Every. single. night. I mean like wildabeast loud. No, no... Jurassic park loud. Can you imagine being awoken to scary loud sounds every single night for 7 nights. Or can you even imagine just not sleeping well for a whole week?!?!?!?!? I almost slept on the balcony one night, just saying it was THAT BAD.

Me and my Aunt laid in bed one night, restless and listening to the lumberjack hack away. We got delirious apparently and starting laughing loudly. Laughing lead to screaming her name. No response. Not even a wiggle. She was conched out hard-core.

Poor thing, she really couldn't help it. She was having tonsil problems which led to Tuesday's ENT appointment and she is having her tonsils out at the end of the month now. No more ferocious snoring! YAY!

She is really kind of precious. Except for when she sleeps. Lamb by day, dinosaur by night.


Southern Sass said...

Haha my family makes fun of me for my snoring all the time!

Leslie said...

I can't sleep with snoring!! AT all.

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