Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WILW. third time is a charm ;)

Just thought y'all would wanna know... what I'm LOVING 

Well, the first thing I am loving is all my new followers. Signed on this morning and I had a new friend :) Welcome! I love all.... 9 of you! I'm getting up there, y'all. Seriously, I love for new followers everyday. I am thinking about a give-away at 15 followers... yay!

lookie there some followers that aren't my personal friends hehehe 

Next up are these bad beauties...

I really can't express how much I am in love with these Sam Edelman Kendall Wedges in Leopard. Holy Moly. The shoe Gods have paid me a visit. I want em' sooo bad but I am waiting... patiently. I found some on eBay and even on HSN which I love even more because that means I could buy them on easypay. But, they were out on HSN  :( boohoo. My shoe addiction is getting a tad bit out of hand... I feel a lot like Carrie Bradshaw right now.

However after the Kendall was out I browsed the other Sam Edelman's on HSN and found some to-die-for ones as well as the Exie's I have been wanting. 

 This precious little shirt I got for my furbaby, Lexie. I was lost trying to find AT&T in the Bel Air Mall on Sunday and found a new little kiosk with pet clothes and snagged my punkin' this one. So perf. I love anything with cupcakes on it, they are so cute and dainty. She wore it to "doggy day care" aka my grandparents house yesterday. Speaking of cupcakes, can't wait to get home and take a pic of the necklace my grandparents got me on the cruise - too cute!

 Okay I am loving so much more like the weather but just don't have enough time to tell you about it all!!!! It's gorgeous outside and lunchtime is calling my name. See y'all later!




Portuguese Prepster said...

ahhh I love that that doggie sweater!

Leslie said...

those shoes are hot!!! I'm a sucker for shoes!

Sam {} said...

i am soooo into wedges right now. these shoes are adorable!

Ashley said...

hey friend! those shoes are FIERCE! love them!

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