Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!

To all of my blog followers (the few I actually have) .... Happy Fat Tuesday!!! It is NO secret to those who know me and know me well that I  love Mardi Gras! One of the greatest and still religious holidays. Maybe it's the Catholic in me! Actually, I think it is just the former party-girl in me that loves a ridiculously good time -- the parades and balls are redic fun. Ok, maybe not even that... living in the *home* of the *original* Mardi Gras -- ahem MOBILE, ALABAMA really gave me the Mardi Gras bug. MG is a big deal in Southern Alabama. My mom was in an all women's organization and she loved it. Of course, one day I want to go back to my beloved Mobile (just not here and now... not the time for that!) and want to be a part of a women's parading society.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season begins. Which brings me to realize that I have NOT chosen what I will give up. I have pretty much done it all... mainly every year I do soft drinks but let me tell ya this little girl right here is not going to be able to ween herself off caffeine right now.  I also gave up meat and beer before as well. The beer was so hard, this was when I was in college and drank like a fish... plus I'm a beer girl! When I drank during that time, I stuck to vodka which I love but was not so great for my budding alcoholism back then. Tote kidding... I was NOT an alchy. Just a college kid. 

So I think I have decided I am giving up..... *drum roll* SWEETS! Yeah, you heard me right... no candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, brownies, nadda!!! This is actually going to work well since I started my hard-core diet (post coming at a latter date) this week. Except for the pack of the weight watchers ice cream bars I just bought at the store on Sunday. Oh well, I will eat 1 tonight and the rest will have to wait on mama! I never really had a sweet tooth til the past year or so and now I love the junk -- NOT GOOD! I will gorge myself with Reese's peanut butter eggs on Easter though and not feel a bit guilty, not at all.

Aside from giving up something for Lent, I have decided to take something on. I got the inspiration from Meg at Life of Meg. I am going to take on RUNNING! This works perfectly with my hard-core fitness plan and diet since I was going to implement a running schedule anyways. I am going to do the Couch to 10k.  Yay for me!!! I am so excited to accomplish this. You have NO IDEA. My goal is to run a 5k sometime in May (even though May is getting really busy) so sometime this summer will suffice. If I like it, I will run more! I want to be able to run the Disney World Wine and Dine 5k in September if me and Shanny go to Disney like we are planning. So here's to having goals -- CHEERS!

All these changes -- I KNOW. I am devoting myself to becoming a healthier and HAPPIER Me! I realized that a lot of the weight I had gained in college was holding me back and causing me personal distress. The only person that can make me happy  is myself. End of story.

On to more happy stuff... next Friday I am taking a half day from work and heading down to good ole Mobile and hopping in the car with my friends Shanny & Eliz and heading to NOLA. We will be spending the weekend in the BIG EASY for Eliz's 21st birthday. Her family is being so gracious and letting us stay in their condo. Going to be so so so fun. New Orleans has never failed me... except last year on New Years Eve when I lost my brand new, mustard yellow HOBO wallet :( Hopefully we will eat good, drink lots and be merry! Get some shopping and sight seeing in, too!

I think that is all one little blog post can handle for now. I have lots of great news coming though (I think) so, stay tuned! 


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