Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rings & Things !

I love all kinds of baubles, espesh bracelets. Lately I have started really liking rings & earrings more, too. I have found a few beauts that I must had to my always growing jewelry collection. 

First up is this little number. A Hidalgo  Diamonique Sterling Criss-Cross Pave' Eternity Ring.
 This little diddy makes my heart beat fast. It is so pretty! It's simple, elegant and I love the turquoise criss-cross. It also comes with black or gold criss-cross but I like this color best.

Then there is the Judith Ripka Sterling Diamonique Pave' Signature Heart Ring. It's just gorgeous. I was GOING  to get last week and they were out of my size. It's back in and I will be purchasing her very, very soon!

You know, I have never met any David Yurman I didn't like. I love turquoise and I love Yurman so this bracelet makes perf sense.  Turquoise is my favie for summer.

And then after God made Turquoise, he decided to make White Agate. I am in lust with this bracelet (actually, white agate in general for that matter). This cable classic with pave diamonds is on the list. ps. I have a birthday coming up in June.

This ring was obvi the ish last summer because no David Yurman store in the country (or the one in St.Thomas) or online had it by the time I decided to purchase with my grad money. Now that money is all gone and this ring is back. Do I still want it? You betcha. The crisp, clean white agate and silver would look stunning on my right hand.

Okay I think I am kind of going for a white, silver and turquoise jewelry theme for this summer. These pieces would be great as well as detrimental to my wallet.

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Anonymous said...

I love your use of abrevs. We speak the same language!

Miss Southern Prep said...

As you can tell by my post, I love DY! I'm obsessing over that turquoise DY bracelet!

Lindsey Leigh said...

@Miss Southern Prep YES! I had never seen a turq one until your post and I am loving it, thanks for that post... my wallet isn't going to be thanking you though :) hehe

Kelly-Marie said...

I love all the jewelry, they look so cute!

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