Monday, March 28, 2011

Look for LESS!

It's no secret that I love bracelets. Which is why I have been particularly upset that I cannot justify the nearly $200 price tag for a Chan Luu wrap bracelet. 

 via google images

They are gorgeous and perfect for layering... and I love to layer!
via google images

Imagine the upset when I realized I couldn't afford one :( I stared at them and wondered if I could make one myself. Although I did not attempt it, I highly considered it. 

Then I found dbracelets on etsy. I then smiled and thought to myself... "Chan Luu way cheaper!" These bracelets my friends are eerily similar and probably modeled after Chan Luu braclets at less than half the cost. I think they range $40-$80. When I said LOOK FOR LESS, I meant... Wayyyyy less. 

They are good enough for me!!!

This could be the first of many thrift-inspired, look-for-less fashion posts. 

I am always looking for a good deal :)

Whatcha think? 


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