Monday, March 28, 2011

My new obsession/I want her to be my BFF

Although I have never been a fan of The Bachelor/ette franchise, I always get suckered into watching atleast the last couple of episodes. Reality television gets me EVERY TIME! However, the first episode this season I was immediately engrossed the second I heard sweet little Emily Maynard's southern accent. Then I watched more and admired her fashion, her kind heartedness and her beauty. Don't forget her gorgeous blond hair. Basically, the show should have been called Everyone Loves Emily! 

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This was her ABC promo picture they did for the website

Thanks to The Possessionista , I can dress like her and have her flawless skin and tan. Oh and even paint my nails like her which I have already done.

Even though I loved her, I still read all the nasty things the tabloids had to say about her. Of course I did not believe everything I heard. Now, eager to learn more of the truth I have stalked her incessantly.

So according to this Emily met Ricky (father of her child and deceased fiance) while vacationing in Florida and found out their parents were building houses next to each other (I am not sure whether this meant houses in Florida or in NC). At the time, Emily was living in Florida, they talked long distance and Emily moved to NC to be with Ricky. I believe the house that we saw on the show, which was very nice... so nice I wondered how a 24 year old could afford it and assumed it was her parents (boy, was I wrong... keep reading) is the one the article states Emily lived in with Ricky and continued to live in after his death and birth of their child, Ricki.

Josephine Riddick "Ricki" Hendricks is I believe named after not only Ricky but his dad, Rick whose first name is Joseph. So all the haters, that said Emily and him were not engaged, can shove it. She named her kid after his dad, that alone is enough. so who even cares?

Her daughter Ricki was too cute on the show and eventually warmed up to Brad. I couldn't find a good picture of her but I guess that is good Emily is keep her daughter out of the spotlight.

So it turns out after Ricky Hendricks died in the tragic plane crash, she still remained very close with his family and active in the NASCAR community. Even hosted radio shows about NASCAR (The Speed Channel, it was actually a podcase)  & hosted Three Wide Life, a television/documentary show. She also dated Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a brief stint. Don't believe it? Read this . Or just Google it... :) It's plausible, she met Junior through Ricky.

So I read not too long ago, not only was Ricky Hendrick a NASCAR driver but a successful business man as well who had a Honda dealership, I believe. That led me to believe he had left her a sum of money of which she would be able to afford the Louboutins and expensive jewelry & clothes she wore on the show. Nah, that's not it folks....

Rick Hendrick (Ricky's Dad) OWNS NASCAR. Yes, OWNS Nascar. Proof here and here . (disclaimer: thanks to my aunt & Jana, He doesn't own all of NASCAR just one of the largest and most successful teams, the Hendrick Motorsports Team. which I am pretty sure includes Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson and at one point Gordon & Dale Jr). My B, y'all.

One of the rumors that was going around is that Emily was not an Event Coordinator at Levine Childrens Hospital as she led people to believe and in fact she had never worked there, only volunteered. Well, if that is the truth... I bet she just assumed she could take on that "title" since her "in-laws", The Hendrick Family, donated $3 million for the hospital to be built and the pediatric intensive care facilities were named the "Ricky Hendrick Center for Intensive Care" as you can read here . For $3 million, I bet they don't care what job title she assumed. It's evident, the girl doesn't need to work.

She's basically awesome. Who cares if she "lied" or fluffed the truth up. Everyone in the continental United States, and I am sure some abroad, love her. That is unless you played for Team Chantel and then you don't matter anyways (take yourself and Chantel's horrible wardrobe back to Seattle, k thanks). 

and on a closing note, I am adding the Frye boots as seen above to the wish list.


ps. you can follow Emily (@Rickismommy) on Twitter


Miss Lindsay said...

Ahhh thanks for the scoop!!! (I hadn't heard of The Possessionista either... for someone Bachelor obsessed like myself that site is amazing!!!)

Jana said...

haha go you for sticking up for her! I like her too! Rick Hendrick doesn't own alll of NASCAR, he owns a team. The Hendrick Motorsports team, which includes several really good drivers. They win a lot, which does make him (and Emily I supposed) loaddsss of money ;-)

Lindsey Leigh said...

@Jana You are right about the Nascar team. My aunt clarified that for me when I got home last night too, but thank you! He might as well own the whole thing, his team has some of the best drivers :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

I loved this post! I love, love, love Emily! She is so precious and gorgeous!

P.S. I love your Southern name! I have a double name that's almost the same as yours!

Jana said...

hahah exactly!! JJ and Dale Jr! That's all you need to make somre realll good money!

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