Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I got the fever

This time it's not Bieber fever (although I still have an acute case that nothing can cure except the Biebs himself). It is BABY FEVER

Ok, let me clarify this for readers: I do not want a baby for myself (not yet atleast) this baby fever is induced by the recent conception of child by none other than one of my greatest friends, Amber. I repeat: I do not want a baby!

However, I am super excited for Amber & Josh! They just got married this summer and I was one of Amber's bridesmaids. It was so special to me to be a part of their wedding and share that sweet moment with Amber. Now, I get to be a part of their first born child's life. Me and the other bridesmaids are just elated! Baby Pritch, as I have started calling him/her is going to have some amazing Aunts (I will be the most amazing, just saying. kidding y'all). 

If you want to read a little about the big news, read Amber's post from yesterday. Shoot, even follow her if you want hear about her lovely little married life and get baby updates! After graduation, Amber moved to Dothan, AL so her little blog is a fun way to keep friends and family in touch.

Now even though I already knew she was prego, it was such a pleasant surprise to get a pic sent to me of Amber's sonogram picture during my work day. Ok, I showed my friend that sits next to me and I jokingly said "OMG it looks JUST like Amber!" she looked at me pretty crazy and I was like, tote kidding.  Even more exciting, last night I posted my "Amber is having a baby " facebook status cause I was so happy to be able to publicly talk about it. She told family and me/other close friends 3-4 weeks ago but wanted to keep it secret until she had the sonogram.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love giving gifts (and throwing parties). Wedding, birthday, get well soon, but especially baby! I had some of the most fun times picking out baby gifts. So you know I am already stalking Etsy for the cutest baby stuff (and sending Amber pics of the stuff I find) and was even eye-ing a few baby shops in New Orleans this weekend thinking to myself "If I only knew the gender."  That being said, hurry up end of May!!! We need to know: pink or blue?

Of course through all the cutesy-tootsy things I found... this one takes the cake and is SO perf for Amber's child
via Etsy

How presh is this? Fortunately, this one can be Minnie or Mickey (in case it's a boy... ) hehe ;)

This next one is just absolutely darling though!
via Etsy
Oh goodness, how precious is that? If it's a baby girl, Aunt Lulu (I just named myself that) is buying her that -- even if she only wears it for pictures!!! 
There are sooo many cute baby hats and you can check them out at Ashley's Posh Tots on Etsy! Babies are the best!!!!!


Portuguese Prepster said...

beyond adorable! congrats to your friend!

Amber said...

I was smiling all the way through this blog! I am so glad I have such great friends and that we have another reason to throw a party this year! haha Baby Pritch will love their Aunt LuLu!I am just obsessed with those hats! I am about to check out that girl on etsy! :]

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