Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Today on this last Wednesday in March, I am linking up with Jamie for WILW, which is becoming a Wednesday tradition :) Bear with me cause I am lovin' a lot today !


Femme Fatale. I am lovin' it. Britney might be back but I am not going to say better than ever.  Still, I am loving her new album. I got it on my lunch break yesterday, duh! Had to get me a piece of that Brit-Brit action, asap. 

 I am loving my new blog layout thanks to Sweet Bean . If you want a pre-made blog layout or a custom, please use Shannon at Sweet Bean. She is the sweetest, super fast and has really cute designs. Plus, she is from Alabama too. Mobile, Alabama to be exact. What a small world.


I am loving this bridesmaid dress Lauren picked out. It's offish, this is the dress we will be wearing in black and except Amber since she will be about 5 months prego at the wedding. She get's a more loose style since she doesn't know exactly how big she will be. I think we will be wearing nude pumps with this dress. Ahhh, I think it's going to look so classy and fabulous.


 via google images

I am loving Chelsea Kane on DWTS. I think she is adorbs and I love her hair. I am thinking about cutting my hair that same style but longer. more like this:
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via google images

I finally got my new pink otterbox for my new iPhone 4. I don't know if I mentioned this but my old iPhone bit the dust in New Orleans and I opted for the upgrade when I went in to AT&T. I am loving the iPhone 4 so far. So. Much. Faster. Never fails though, the second I put my phone in it's new home, I dropped it! Thank You Lord for the Otterbox :)

I am going to the Birmingham Flea Market this weekend. Yay! I am so excited, I have not been since I was probably 13. I use to go all the time with my Mom when I was younger. I hope to find some good junk and maybe a little fixer upper project to work on. I am also hopefully getting BJ to start on my headboard -- I need to go pick out some fabric for that.
I am loving that I am staying true to my goals. I am changing my lifestyle one day at a time :) It's nice to do something for myself. For my own good & happiness. There are so many things I am working on right now. My health, getting fit, feeling good, my relationship with God, my relationship with my family, among others. I am also working on my future -- I know that only God knows my plans, but I am working hard on making my dreams a reality. It took me a while to realize this but even though I have to create my own happiness. God will lead me in the right direction. Stay tuned for more..... 

I can't wait to read what everyone else is loving on this Wednesday. It's uber nasty here in Sweet Home Alabama. I can't wait for my warm weather to creep back up on us. I am not loving this cold, wet, icky stuff and I am not loving pollen season. Yuuuuck. 


Shannon said...

Thanks for the mention! Much appreciated!

And love that iphone case! Super cute! I also watch DWTS and you're right, Chelsea is a cutie!

Have a great day!


Kit said...

Great things that you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Shannon said...

I LOVE that you are having a good day and staying positive and doing things to better you!! It feels good when you trust in God and know that he will lead you in the right direction and when things get tough always remember if God brings you to it, He will get you through it!

tickled. said...

I dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen the other day ... I've been going back & forth with whether to get another 3G or upgrade to 4 ... You may have just convinced me! Now if I can only convince hubs that I 'need' to spend $150 extra to get the 4! :)

Happy Humpday! Lauren @ tickled.

Lindsey Leigh said...

@Lauren do it! The iPhone 4 is a serious upgrade!!!!

Raven said...

Found you through the WILW link-up. Good thing you like Britney's new CD, I have done two blog posts this week dedicated soley to her, because she is my OBSESSION, but I HATE her new CD! Ugh. I was so hopeful too :(

Bo-Nan said...

I just cut my hair this short and am OBSESSED WITH IT - its so much easier to do and it takes tons of time off my getting ready in the mornings! xx

Lindsay said...

i bought the Britney Spears CD yesterday too. I love it!! it is definitely a workout CD. :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

hey girl heyyy. just got your comment on my post so I thought I would comment back here since it wouldn't let me email you back..

uhmmm yes..I pretty much hate my computer, taking it back to the apple store is number 1 on my to do list!! And how am I just finding your blog? it, I literally just laughed out loud at one of your posts..sounds exactly like some things I say! I'm now following :)

The Sweet Life said...

I had the otter box for my old I phone, but haven't gotten one for my new one yet. I love the pink!! Happy Hump Day. Im a new follower.

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