Friday, March 11, 2011

My next learning adventure

As some of you know, when I was in college I interned with Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama as a Public Relations and Marketing intern. It was one of the greatest learning experiences, ever! I grew up literally in the Girl Scout council, not just because I was one but because my Momma worked for GS, as the Older Girl Program Manager. 

I have a passion for working in the non-profit sector (espec. Girl Scouts) and Girl Scouts has always just had a very special place in my heart. It made a difference in my life! I have seen it change girls lives. Girl Scouts builds women of courage, confidence and character. I firmly believe in everything GIRL SCOUTS (the cookies, too!). 

After I graduated, a position with Girl Scouts of North Central Alabama opened up -- the position was : Older Girl Program Director. I wanted this job more than the deserts want rain. I interviewed but unfortunately did not get the job. I still look for girl scout jobs though :) hehe. I did not let one "No" get me down, I am just not that girl. I am determined to work in a field that I am passionate for.

A couple weeks ago, I contacted a friend and former co-worker of my mom's who is currently working at Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida. I wanted to poke around and see if she knew of any openings in PR, Development, Communications, etc... anywhere around these part of the country. We will call that friend, "D" for anonymity purposes. She did not know of any opportunities for employment. BUT graciously offered me an internship that I can do from Sweet Home Alabama!

Internship by distance is what I would like to call it. I will be the Online Publishing Intern (I guess that's the offish name). I will be editing and publishing their monthly online newsletter, CyberNews! I am so excited and feel so blessed to be given this opportunity to work in GS, gain experience, resume build and make new friends and acquaintances. I will be gaining great non-profit experience and experience with online publishing and since I will be working from home, from a remote location, I will also gain that independently working experience. A "highly desired quality." 

I am sure I will be reporting to the blogosphere everything I learn!!! So excited. 

Peace, Love and Girl Scouts! 

 What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?? :) Mine is "Tagalongs" (<-- thats the Little Brownie Baker's name for them some of you might know them as the "Peanut Butter Patties". whatever you know them by, they are always the ones in the red box!)


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Samoas... wish I had some now!
That sounds like an awesome internship. :)

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